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how are marijuana seeds spread in the wild

I may be out of my element on the understanding of how plants work in the natural (wild) sense, but i’ve had this thought on my mind for awhile since there are some outdoor strands that are wild, "Saturna Sativa" for instance.

what I am wondering is without support from humans properly loving them, how do they survive in northern climates year round where it freezes the ground, or any climate for that matter since they will all have limited light at certain parts of the year.

do they drop the seeds after death and hope those will stay frozen over the winter?

This has allowed cannabis breeders to develop strains of auto-flowering marijuana that can grow with the same amount of light each day throughout the course of its life.

While most marijuana used for recreational purposes is either indica or sativa, there is another kind of marijuana found in the wild called Cannabis ruderalis.

Wild or feral marijuana occupies every continent on Earth apart from Antarctica.

Ditch Weed

Ditch weed seeds are spread by birds, animals and wind, and can reach great distances. The seeds can then stay dormant for up to 10 years before growing into mature plants, meaning no matter how many plants are killed, the seeds will continue to grow in the future.

Chances are, whether you were aware of it or not, you have encountered marijuana growing in the wild.

“Ditch weed” is a type of wild marijuana that grows in North America. The term is used primarily in the United States to describe marijuana plants that have no evidence of being planted, fertilized, or tended by humans.

Cannabis ruderalis is a type of wild marijuana that is native to Europe. It contains low amounts of THC, but higher amounts of CBD.