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hiw to pollinate only somw marijuana plants for seeds

A good test to see whether the bracts have swollen is to take a pair of tweezers, grab one bract, and open it up. If there is a seed inside, you have a pollinated plant.

Spotting male cannabis plants and pollinated females early can save you from investing further time and effort into an entire growing season that will be for naught. Most of the time, the best course of action is to get rid of the males along with your pollinated ladies and just start a new grow.


Pollination of your female cannabis plants will make them produce seeds and spend less energy on producing quality buds. But when you recognise the signs of pollination early, you can avoid putting time and resources into a poor harvest.

Obviously, no one wants to smoke seedy weed. When you grow cannabis and learn how to identify male plants and signs of pollination, you can remove these plants to save your remaining females. Likewise, recognising a pollinated female early allows you to start again before it’s too late, rather than finishing a grow that will only result in a poor-quality harvest.

There is a good reason why most growers keep male plants away from their ladies: Pollination from males causes the females to develop seeds. As a result, females focus their energy on seed production, rather than on growing you some fine-quality bud. This seedy and unfortunate final product can be avoided by implementing a few basic techniques.

“Watch out for is the male flowers they contain water and must be removed from pollen. I find the hanging traps I make can be shaken and the flowers being heavy fall to the corners and can be removed from the pile.” –

The fine hairs of the cannabis flower (above) are the pistils. Simply put some pollen onto the pistils and the pollination process begins. Several weeks after pollination, the plant will produce mature seeds.

Another way of collecting and pollinating – is to first choose the studs, the males that show the best characteristics and then destroy the rest. Chooses the limbs with the most healthy-looking and ripe flowers the selected pollen males. Use 2 limbs (male) to 1 prospective seed parent (female). Place / enclose limbs in paper bag and seal with an elastic band. Use thin paper bags to allow air circulation.. Labeling is made easy with paper, just write on info like; date of enclosure, pollen parent, etc..



Routes of pollination include, wind, fan, insect, animal, or a human equipped a fine brush.

Pokesmot 247 and Cannachick Pollinate a Pineapple Chunk Female from Barneys Farm with a Sleestack Skunk Male from Seedsman.

Oldschool Tip: Don’t get pollen on your clothes, use a separate room for collecting pollen, don’t blow pollen into your female only bud room with a half ass HVAC system (poor porous filters that don’t spop pollen). A Darwin Award goes to pet owners who run about uncontrolled through out the grow groom.