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high yield feminized marijuana seeds

This plant is very compact (60-80 cm) and easy to grow both indoors and outdoors.

Using high yield seeds has become a valuable technique in many farming communities because it increases the food produced on every acre. The method has important implications in countries where the population continues to grow, and less land becomes available.

Auto Critical Mass Fem

Pruning can enable cannabis plants to produce a larger yield, but it only helps when it is done correctly. Many farmers prefer to prune to increase the THC level in their buds and others allow the plant to grow naturally. New growers should research how to prune and how it can affect their plants, and choose what method seems best to them.

The amount of lighting and the color spectrum of the lights that each plant needs will change based on the stage of growth. In all stages, any lights used should sit close enough to the plants to benefit them, but not close enough to scorch the leaves. If placing a hand under the lights just above the plants feels too intense, the leaves are at risk.

The process to germinate the highest-yielding cannabis seeds is the same as germinating any cannabis seeds. Most people saturate the paper towels with water until they are wet but not dripping. Too much water could cause the seeds to rot.

A combination package of the highest yielding marijuana seeds in our catalog. This high yield combination package contains 5 White Shark Feminized seeds and 5 Cheese Feminized seeds.

The White Shark feminized strain is known for its high resin production with THC crystals as sharp as teeth. Growing this White Shark will guarantee you have some to smoke for the coming seasons. One of the highest yielding marijuana strains, up to 900 grams a plant a square meter. Of course, you need to create the perfect conditions.

The Cheese Feminized is an amazing yielder also. As it has become one of the most popular strains over the last decade, everyone knows by know the Cheese is a guaranteed hit. Besides the amazing yield, the THC percentage of the Cheese is sky high also! A nice smoke when night falls.