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head cheese marijuana seeds for sale

If you are a fan of cheesy strains, Head Cheese should be up your alley, as it does have a distinct fragrance of the gooey golden goodness, often accompanied by an earthy scent that becomes stronger when cured buds are broken apart. Its flavor is purely Cheese, though the creaminess of its original taste gives way to diesel and skunk notes, tinged with citrus fruits.

First things first — Head Cheese cannabis should be enjoyed in moderation. Some plants from this strain have been clocked at upwards of 30% THC, meaning it’s one of the strongest on the market and unique in its own savory way. The initial effects of the sativa-dominant strain are an overwhelming head rush that many would call happy and euphoric, instantly uplifting the mood and stimulating the creative flow.

Edible delicacy or cannabis, the name “Head Cheese” never really sounds that appealing, but a name can’t take away from the profile of Head Cheese marijuana, a potent strain that few can contend with.


Break out the wine, with a scent redolent of finely aged fromage and a level of THC that’s nearly off the charts, Head Cheese cannabis is your new night-time treat for serious consumers and intermediate to master level growers.

Eventually, the indica side wins out, ushering in a couch-lock that will soothe the body and release tension from stress, anxiety, and depression. Despite this, Head Cheese is not necessarily recommended for medicinal purposes, though it might prove useful for patients suffering from pain, inflammation and muscle spasms, and it might relieve some symptoms associated with depression and stress.

Head Cheese marijuana seeds prefer a warm, humid climate, and growers who have experience with different stress-training techniques will find their rather short plants produce a higher yield when cared for correctly. After 9 to 10 weeks of flowering, your Head Cheese nugs will be ready for harvest and offer up an above-average yield of cheesy, skunky buds that may make your wine-loving friends envious.

Head Cheese Feminised Seeds is a solid choice for many reasons. Her smell is pungent cheese and lemon pine, a strange set of terps to send your head into a bizarre world where you can articulate intellectual thoughts so easily and feel an internal fullness of joy and happiness.

The scent on Head Cheese Feminised Seeds is amazing. It gives you such a nice piney lemon scent. The taste is a very earthy type with a little bit of a pine aftertaste. Head Cheese will allow you to have intelligent conversations without getting tongue tied or stuttering. This is a very potent type that will keep you happy.