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haze xl auto marijuana seeds

A Stimulating Morning Weed

Haze XL Autoflower is ideal for daytime use. It can fill your mind with amazing thoughts and positivity so you can function perfectly all day long. It is a strong sativa that will flower quickly but retains a small and compact size. It comes with an earthy, spicy, citrusy flavor that makes it a good recreational and medicinal strain.

Haze XL is already a legendary strain on its own. The cross between Jack Herer and Haze 2.0 resulted in cannabis that is perfect for daytime use. Its subtle high fills up the mind with positive thoughts and bursts of energy. The addition of a Ruderalis strain further strengthened the genetics of this Sativa strong weed. Growers will surely love the addition of this auto-flowering version of an already vigorous plant.

Additional Information

Apart from its euphoric high, this exotic smelling strain fills up your mouth with an earthy spicy flavor that leaves a strong citrus aftertaste. The good thing about this strain is that it is also used as a great pain medication. It also serves as your alternative to coffee due to its stimulating high. Gone are the days that you have to wait for coffee at the cafe when you can simply smoke this weed and enjoy the experience.

Medical users will also enjoy this strain, especially for treating symptoms of depression and stress or simply enhancing a low mood. Some users will also find that Amnesia Haze XL Auto provides them with active pain relief. Some users may also turn to this strain for relief from nausea and vomiting, or to help build up an appetite.

The aromas and flavors of this strain are very similar to those of original Amnesia Haze varieties. Take a whiff from a bag of these buds and you should notice the unmistakable sweetness of a Haze, coupled with some notable citrus aromas. The flavor of this strain is also predominantly sweet and citric.

This strain produces strong, uplifting effects that are truly reminiscent of original Amnesia Haze varieties. Expect to get an instant hit of euphoria, coupled with strong cerebral stimulation that leaves you feeling energetic, happy, and talkative. This is a great daytime strain, leaving most users with enough clarity to get on with their daily business while simultaneously enjoying strong, but not overwhelming, feelings of relaxation and euphoria. The average THC level of this strain is roughly 16%.

Amnesia Haze XL Auto is a unique autoflowering cannabis strain. As its name suggests, it is a new auto take on the original Amnesia Haze, crossing these classic genetics with a unique variety of ruderalis.

Amnesia Haze XL Auto plants are very manageable, growing to heights of roughly 60-90cm indoors and up to 120cm outdoors. This makes them ideal for indoor operations or outdoor grows where you don’t want to attract too much attention. They are also relatively high yielders, producing up to 400g/m² indoors and up to 175 grams per plant in an outdoor environment. The average time from seed to harvest is just 10-12 weeks.