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guy randomly pants marijuana seeds allover town

Users of marijuana were similarly differentiated from users of hard drugs, referred to as “crackheads,” “dopefiends,” “addicts,” or “narcs.” iii These attitudes are similar to reports from other studies of drug-involved youth in the U.S. and Europe (Glassner and Loughlin 1987; Parker, Aldridge et al. 1998; Furst, Johnson et al. 1999) and may be seen as Southeast Asians youths’ adoption of current and salient drug use practices and norms.

Man, we drink anywhere we want, and whatever. It don’t really matter. We smoke in the house, we drink in the house, we go to other property, we drink up in the house, whatever. We do whatever we want [Mien male, age 16].


ii See for example eloquent accounts in Faderman (1998), Szymusiak (1999) and the memoirs of Haing S. Ngor (1987), popularized in the film “The Killing Fields.”

Many studies have identified the primary role of peers and peer groups in the substance use of adolescents and young adults (Urberg, Degirmencioglu et al. 2000; Andrews, Tildesley et al. 2002; Dishion and Owen 2002; Hussong 2002). Studies of substance use and misuse among ethnic minorities, particularly immigrant populations, have additionally found acculturation to be a significant variable (Chen, Unger et al. 1999; Unger, Cruz et al. 2000). Segmented assimilation theory in particular has foregrounded the importance of the specific social milieu within which immigrants find themselves. For example, Bankston and Zhou found that Vietnamese youth growing up in inner city New Orleans tended to the patterns of risk behavior manifested by co-resident ethnic minority peers (Bankston and Zhou 1997).

Both Richmond/San Pablo and East Oakland are located in “the flats” of the East Bay Area, known for lower SES, higher levels of crime and violence, and poorer schools, compared to the more affluent communities in the East Bay hills. Many respondents reported normative violence, inter-racial tensions, and armed aggression and hostility from other residents as well as constant harassment by police in their neighborhoods. When asked to describe his neighborhood, rather than describe his physical environment one youth described the phenomenological one:

Detecting a hermaphrodite marijuana plant

If a plant shows male and female flowers from the beginning of flowering, unfortunately we will have to eliminate it immediately from the growing space. Otherwise, it could pollinate the entire crop, transmitting the hermaphrodite trait to the offspring.

How to avoid hermaphrodite plants?

Dani Alchimia 2016-09-12
Hi SteveO, I’m glad you got a nice harvest with this one!! As I always say. life is about learning!! 😉 All the best, dude!

SteveO 2015-08-23
Hi Papa Indica , and Dan Alchimia,,SteveO here. I am still stumped on this one issue. I am having a seed issue again. went in and searched thru every nch of the plants the best I could to find any male flowers on plants , as to locate to hermi pollen crating plant problem to try and prevent the rest of the plants in the room from being hit. wel I found I think two maybe three that had maleflowers. , I pulled them out , and got rid of them , and now over the past four days or so have been doing a lot of inspections continuously to try and catch any more that could be there that I may have n=missed that are subject to infecting other new plants in the room. well I haven’t for the life of me been able to find and more (actual male flowers) but the seeds keep coming,now pretty much most of the plants in the room have seeds and it continues to get worse each day, once a plnat gets one seed then it gets another , and another, and before you know it , it stops making nay more pistols and resin and seed take over , little clusters of seeds start to form. I tried to leave plants that only seemed to have a few seeds , and going along I continuously inspected them very closely to search for those male flowrs and I have been able to find nothing but continual seed development without any male flowers , now I just put a new blueberry plant in ther and I t was untouched for days , got to flowering , seemed to be ok, and bam a couple seeds. I simply connot find the culprit. It sure does seem from my years of experience that,, it is poosible for a fertilized female that has gotten pollinated can spread pollen somehow WITHOUT male pollen sacks. now I could be wrong , but every time , the result seems to be the same. I start to get seeds, then I search for male flowers on female plants(hermis), then I eradicate tose, and it always happens every time , that more plants ill continue to get pollinated and before long the whole garden gets affected. Now I have yet to find someone out there who can resolve or anwer how this is poosible,. Do you think that I am simply just NOT finding the other hermaohrodite plant? or are the pollinated females able to spread seeds in some other fashion , because, im telling you I can find all the seeed in the world on these plants , but I for some reason SIMPLY CANNOT FIND MALE FLOWERS, WHAT GIVES? Every time I have this problem , the results always seem to be identical. I seem to find the hermi plant or plants, and still the affected pants seem to continue to spread the pollination SOMEHOW,. I need someone to help me with this. now there are about 10-15 plants in the flower room. most now just placed in there . I believe I have gotten rid of the actual hermi plant or plants. will the new onesi just put In there be ok. or do you think I need to go through a thorough cleaning again? This is absolutely driving me insane.Other that whats crazy is that I had this problem resolved as the last run I had no seeds, and then my timer for my lights stared to take a dump and lights went on wrong times,creating the problem again while I would be at work. so now here I am once again trying to deal with pollen problem again. Any info out here would be much appreciated. I did however Papa Indica, get some killer hash oil and shatter put together from what little bit I have been able to successfully grow. Hope all is well your way. I will say thins are getting better quality wise all around . now that I have resolved the light timer issue .. I have gotten rid of , or harvested a little early the bulk of the problem flowering plants, do you think I need to take the room and clean everything. I have gone In there and sprayed tap water all over to soak everything In the hopes of neutralizing the lingering pollen. will this do or should I clean up everything is the question. Sure is a pain to have to take everything down.

Toni 2021-03-02
Hey Tim, thank you so much for your help. It is just amazing having somebody on the other corner of the earth who is listening and taking his time for giving his expert advice. I should have read the entire comment tree and I would have got all answers. (I will do it in future) But you guys have so much patience. Thank you I really appreciate your help. This is a great forum!