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growing organic marijuana amsterdam seeds

This Dutch company has been in business for over 20 years and sells a variety of seeds from feminized to outdoor, indoor, autoflowering, and more. They are known for their discreet shipping, where seeds are stored in random objects for confidentiality.

Top 5 Seed Banks Online

This seed site is easy to use and offers loads of choices, from different seed types to germination guides. It is the perfect place to shop for beginner growers. Choose from high CBD strains, autoflower options, and more.

Use the filters when shopping to help narrow down which products are best. Regular shipping costs $10, express shipping is available at $30, and shipping is free on orders of over $300.

A: Each state has their own laws regarding marijuana seeds, so most seed banks use an old souvenir law to get over the legal hurdles and do their business. As long as the seeds aren’t germinated they are free to mail them to you as a souvenir or for bird food/fish bait. Go to any major seed bank’s website such as ILGM and you will see a disclaimer page that announces this.

Bacteria: These tiny creatures produce slimy substances that keep soil particles stuck together and give the growing medium structure. They also serve as food for larger lifeforms that excrete plant food.

Sure, the cannabis industry has developed many synthetic formulas and techniques, and with great results. But we believe the best-quality flowers and the healthiest plants emerge when we go back to our roots.

Nematodes and protozoa—the next step up in the soil food web—eat some of these microbes. It just so happens that bacteria and fungi are very efficient at breaking down organic matter and storing the nutrients locked up inside.


Starting off your growing operation with healthy living soil will help you avoid potential nutritional deficiencies, pest issues, and plant pathogens further down the line. Contrary to popular belief, plants don’t just suck up nutrients straight from the soil.

Nematodes: They gobble up smaller lifeforms and free up nutrients into plant-available forms. Certain “good” nematodes also keep the “bad” ones away (the latter like to chomp on plant roots).

Growing cannabis organically means cultivating the herb as nature intended. Native cannabis strains—or landraces—thrive in the wild all over the world. This goes to show that high-quality soil and biodiversity are all it takes to support the growth of thriving plants.

Instead, they farm their own food (literally!). They do so by releasing sugars (exudates) into the rhizosphere—an area that extends around two millimetres from the surface of the root system—attracting beneficial bacteria and fungi. Some of these organisms team up with the roots, allowing plants to better absorb nutrients, whereas other microbes act as food for larger creatures.

Early flowering stage:High; Euforic; Lift the spirit (soaring); Body relaxing
Main flowering stage: Stoned, but clear; Relaxing body buzz; Meditative
Late flowering stage: Body buzz; mild effects

Amsterdam Plant (aka Asthma Plant) is a mostly indica variety from Buzzer Organic Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±60 days ) and outdoors . Buzzer Organic Seeds’ Amsterdam Plant is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Smell: Very strong smel; A bit of compost and fermentation; Minty, woody with lemon undertones
Taste: Hash; Pine; Minty; Woody; Chocolate

Buzzer Organic Seeds’ Amsterdam Plant Description

Growing pattern:
– Short internodes
– Very bushy plant
– A lot of big, compact Buds
– Big leaves
– Thick branches
– Heavy resin production
– Very high stress resistance
– Short flowering time

Medical effects:
– Best for Asthma
– All kinds of pain

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Parents: Unknown Seed Mix from Amsterdam; Indica dominance