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growing marijuana seed in bag

The containers with the newly planted seeds should be kept in a warm area indoors. A plant heating pad can be placed underneath the soil containers to help warm them, or you can create warmth and humidity by cutting plastic soda bottles in half and placing them gently over the containers, creating a greenhouse effect. It’s important that the seedlings remain undisturbed, so resist the temptation to uncover them to check if they’re sprouting. You should see plant growth sprouting out of the soil somewhere between seven and fourteen days, depending on the strain and age of the seeds.

Many growers believe that it is easiest and most natural to simply plant cannabis seeds directly into the soil in which they will grow and thrive. If you choose to use the soil germination method, remember that you should always keep the potted seeds indoors. Seeds planted outdoors will have very little chance of germinating, as the environment is too uncontrolled. The benefit to planting seedlings directly into the soil is that you will not have to transplant them after germination. The transplant process can be a shock to a young plant’s root system, and some people have difficulty nursing a cannabis seedling through this process.

An another great way to germinate cannabis seeds is to use a seedkit. For an excellent explanation of how to use the seedkit, go to Zambeza Seeds.

The Straight-To-Soil Method

Next, you’ll want to place the towel-covered seeds into a plastic bag. This creates a humid, warm atmosphere, like a greenhouse. You can also place the paper towels on a glass plate or baking dish and cover them with plastic wrap. Find a dark place in your home to put them while they are getting ready to germinate. A drawer in your kitchen or a closet shelf would make an ideal germination environment.

Growing cannabis from seeds is no more difficult than growing any other plant. It doesn’t take a magic touch or a green thumb, and it doesn’t require special knowledge of horticulture.

For the soil method, you will need to purchase sturdy containers with drainage holes, potting soil, and a secondary plant fertilizer. Mix the fertilizer and potting soil together and fill the containers, tamping it down slightly. It’s best to start out with very small containers, no more than three inches wide. Moisten the soil with distilled water or rainwater, taking care not to drench it. Make a small hole with your finger approximately one and half inches deep, and place a seed into the hole. Try to position the seed with the pointed edge facing downward.

Check the seeds daily to make sure that the paper towels have not dried. When they begin to dry, simply pour more water on them and squeeze it out gently. Do not let standing water accumulate in the bag or plate you have placed them in. This process should take between five to twelve days. Sometime in that period, you will see the seed casing burst, and a small but strong root will emerge.

Most cannabis plants begin flowering when the amount of light they receive on a daily basis reduces. Outdoors, this happens when the sun starts setting earlier in the day as the season turns from summer to autumn. Indoor growers can control when a plant flowers by reducing the daily amount of light plants receive from 18 hours to 12 hours.

Cannabis used for hemp production has been selected for other traits, including a low THC content, so as to comply with the 2018 Farm Bill. Consequently, many varieties of hemp produce significant quantities of CBD.

Pros and cons of growing autoflower

Cannabis plant sex organs appear on nodes, the points where branches grow off from the main stalk.

As mentioned above, you can skip the processing of sexing weed plants by growing with feminized seeds or clones.

A lot of classic weed strains that have been around for a while come in feminized form. Some popular fem seeds are:

Once the seedlings grow too big for the plastic cups, move them to their first pots.

The article I linked to above (here it is again) details how to tell the difference between a male and a female plant. It also tells you to destroy the males, which you should do right away. They do not produce buds and they will pollinate the females, which leads to bud full of seeds.

This leads to a lower quality harvest, even if the genetics are actually good.

Successful Bagseed Grow: How To Maximize Your Chance Of Success

If you do opt to go with bag seeds, here is how to ensure the best possible chance of success, while still keeping your grow simple and inexpensive (again, if you’re not keeping your grow simple and inexpensive, you really shouldn’t be using bag seed either).

With bag seed, there is a high chance that time and effort goes to waste, so that is definitely something you need to consider carefully.

Either way, as soon as a parent plant turns out to be male (or a hermie), get rid of all its clones. And later, once you see which of your female plants is producing the best buds, get rid of any clones that did not come from the best female plant.

The lower down on the plant, the better. Branches that are closer to the roots contain more rooting hormone, which means the chance of rooting successfully is increased and the time to root is decreased.