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grey seed in marijuana growing

Seeds that are floating are likely unhealthy and not worth the time. Conduct this test right before germination, as seeds need to be kept dry to store them properly.

There are many procedures and factors that cannabis growers will execute and consider when aiming to grow a healthy marijuana crop capable of producing a yield of adequate quality and maximum quantity. One of such factors that needs to be considered before the process has even begun is the very quality of the cannabis seeds themselves.

Healthy seeds look as though they have a coating of wax on their shells. Place your batch of seeds under a decent light, if they are healthy they should display some kind of sheen on the surface.


These darker and healthier seeds are often harder also, another factor that displays the health and vitality of a cannabis seed. When placing the seed between your index finger and a thumb, a healthy seed should be hard enough to bare the weight and remain intact.

The same logic can be applied when seeking cannabis seeds. Every now and then when picking up a bag of weed, you are more than likely to come across a few stray seeds in the buds as you begin to break up the material and layer it into a blunt or a bowl. There is nothing wrong with planting these seeds, and they may offer some nice weed (with the emphasis on ‘they may. ‘)

However seeds that crack or even completely crumble indicate poor health. Small cracks in the outer shell will signify that the seed is weak and not entirely healthy even before this test is carried out.

Seeds of decent quality have certain aesthetic qualities than can be used to separate them from poor quality counterparts. For one, healthier seeds usually have shells featuring darker colours, appearing brown or grey with elements of black. With some strains this looks a bit like a ‘tiger print’.

There are several visual indicators that can give a person an idea about the quality of a marijuana seed. Some details are easy to spot while others take a higher level of scrutiny.

Many growers who have numerous marijuana seeds need to store them long term if they want to germinate them in the future. However, seeds need to be kept in specific conditions to remain viable. They should be stored in a cool, dark, and dry room, much like the environment in which growers dry their harvested marijuana.


Seeds can remain viable for three to ten years if stored properly, but more and more seeds will fail to germinate as time passes. Older seeds will take more time to germinate, so growers should use the float test before assuming the viability of their stored seeds. They can speed germination by soaking the viable seeds in water mixed with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide for 24 hours. It is important to watch them closely for signs of opening, as they will need to be removed immediately to avoid drowning.

Preflowers are the earliest sign of a marijuana plant’s gender. Between four and six weeks, nodes will develop at the joint where a plant’s stem meets the stalk. Female plants develop white hairs at the internodal joints while male plants develop rounded internodal sacs that fill with pollen.

Good quality marijuana seeds have a waxy coating around the shell. This is easy to see if the seed is held up to the light because the shell will have a slight sheen.