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green marijuana seeds

What’s more, Green Spirit is a hybrid that offers that rare, perfectly even indica-sativa ratio. A 50-50 indica-sativa split, it’s able to produce a well-balanced high with plenty of depth. Yields are surprisingly large for a strain so quick to flower. And with potent, great tasting buds, this really is a strain for everyone.

One of Green Spirit’s many selling points is its rapid flowering time. Grown indoors, plants will be ready for harvest in just 8-10 weeks. This is a strain that thrives in a controlled environment and will produce especially good results using the Sea of Green growing method. Plants benefit from a prolonged vegetation period and experience explosive bud growth during the flowering phase. They can also do well outdoors, but require a ‘Mediterranean’ climate. When growing Green Spirit outside, aim for a late September harvest.

Regular Type

Green Spirit is a strain that has it all: rapid growing times, decent yields and an ability to thrive indoors make this a great crop for both individual and commercial growers; its soothing, euphoric buzz is perfect for recreational use, and an impressive array of therapeutic properties have earned it the acclaim of medical users worldwide.We find it to be an incredibly enjoyable smoke. And it grows like a dream. If you’re looking for a great all-rounder, this could be the strain for you.

Plants give off a distinctly dank aroma during vegetation, becoming more pungent as they mature. As they flower, Green Spirit’s distinct skunky and spicy fragrance becomes more prominent.

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Experienced smokers will notice the initial effects of Green Goddess marijuana are similar to Skunk #1, with good reason – Skunk #1 makes up part of this beautiful lady’s genetic signature. It will bring on a bright happiness that can be intense if you aren’t expecting it, but not so much to knock you out for the day. Rather, its described as promoting clarity and creativity, useful for a productive day off or a fun time with friends. As the buzz wears off, you’ll experience a distinctive relaxation that puts your body at ease – a main reason this strain is ideal for afternoon or early evening use.

Green Goddess

Experience the cheerful, uplifting effects of a great indica-dominant strain. Green Goddess marjiuana seeds will set you up for chill success, with a solid yield and earthy, citrus flavor.


If you’ve ever wondered why fans of cannabis put the plant on a pedestal, a single taste of Green Goddess marijuana will prove exactly why – this indica-dominant strain offers users a buzzing euphoric high that puts you on cloud nine, before you drift down back to a state of pure bliss.

Green Goddess is as beautiful in flavor as it is in effects – a fantastic fragrance of flowers with an earthy, citrus undertone. The flavor is surprisingly skunky, though the smoke is smooth and gentle on the throat.

We guarantee that recreational users will love Green Goddess marijuana, but more importantly it has proven a useful ally in the fight against body aches and pains, as well as depression, stress, anxiety, and other negative feelings. The psychoactive compounds (it features at least 18% THC) are also beneficial for patients in need of improving their appetite.

Green Goddess marijuana seeds will thrive for you, if you treat them just right. Warm climates help her grow beautiful, strong stems and branches that will hold the weight of her heavy buds that appear to be covered in frost – a trick of the trichomes, which show up surrounded in dark brown pistils. The flowering stage lasts roughly 10 to 13 weeks, and, with enough TLC, even beginner growers will be able to harvest an above average yield of bliss-bringing marijuana.