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green crack x ak47 marijuana seeds

Green Crack x AK47 is a perfect morning strain with a spicy, sweet flavor and strength and mental-boosting high.

Its high levels of THC may be too powerful for beginners or THC sensitive consumers. Maybe rare, paranoia, slight dizziness, or anxiety may attack. It is essential to know a user’s limitations and intake to avoid undesirable effects.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Green Crack x AK47?

This hybrid’s aroma is extraordinarily attractive. The marijuana emanates an enjoyable scent that whiffs of skunk and spicy citrus with notes of dank flower bed fragrance.

Its mental high is always on the onset, and it moves a deep sense of ecstasy that leaves users in a joyful mental condition.

The first time hearing or knowing Green Crack, you may associate it with a variety of marijuana. To 420 groups, however, its name means cannabis with a strong toke.

Green Crack produces one of the purest and most intense sativa style highs available. The powerful and fast acting head rush will have your mind soaring and the supreme boost in energy will leave you motivated and ready to accomplish any task. The high will last some time before gently easing off to leave you feeling refreshed rather than tired. This makes Green Crack an excellent daytime strain and a good option for relieving fatigue and depression.

It’s easy to see why Snoop felt the need to put his own stamp on this strain. The strong sativa effects are as dreamy as any marijuana out there and the flavour and aroma are totally unique. The fact that this strain produces large yields with a minimum of fuss is the icing on the cake.

Top Strains

Green Crack has a traditional indica style appearance. The dense plants are covered in pale green and yellow leaves with purple streaks appearing if the plants are grown in colder climates. The frosty green buds are compact and covered with metallic orange hairs. The aroma starts with fresh pops of citrus and earthy pine, with subtle herbal and peppery undertones noticeable when you break open one of the gorgeous buds.

Green Crack seeds are a fantastic option for any grower. Suited for growing both inside and out these resilient plants are quite easy to raise and forgiving of mistakes. Indoors the plants will reach heights of 90-150cm and deliver solid yields of 450-500g/m2 in a flowering time of just 7-10 weeks. Outside the plants can stretch up to 4m and will yield over 500g per plant, ready to harvest in early autumn.

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