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grapefruit marijuana seeds

Sweet Deep Grapefruit is a marijuana strain with 12-19 % THC. Her effect, balanced, potent and long-lasting, shows a clear Indica dominance, and delivers a highly intense but proportionate sense of physical relaxation that will make you feel on cloud nine for a while.

*Cannabis contains over 100 terpenes. These compounds create the aroma unique to each strain and can interact with cannabinoids. This report refers only to the 15 most abundant terpenes in this strain.


Sweet Deep Grapefruit delivers rather bountiful crops. In a remarkably short time, and in exchange for very little attention, she’s capable of producing buds of considerable size. In fact, she can easily produce 550 g/m 2 of buds covered in resin indoors and some 800-900 g/plant outdoors. Notable figures, indeed.

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As previously mentioned, sativa strains can be a challenge to grow. The extended flowering time compared to hybrid and indica strains is partially responsible for the challenging nature. Slightly on the shorter time frame though, Grapefruit Fem tends to be ready for harvest in eight to nine weeks of flowering in an ideal growing environment. However, you should expect a longer flowering time if growing outdoors.

The indica content in the Grapefruit strain rallies to deliver some excellent medicinal benefits. Common uses include headaches and migraines. The sativa qualities aid in coping with symptoms of depression, nausea and fatigue. Many returning military service personnel are turning to the strain to combat post-traumatic stress disorder and are finding great success with it. Although this strain does help with chronic pain, smokers looking for more analgesic or anti-inflammatory qualities should consider a more indica dominant strain.


It is a well-known fact that the sativa variety of the cannabis seeds can be challenging to grow. Grapefruit remains true to that theory but is considered a suitable plant for novice growers. Like almost all sativas, Grapefruit likes to stretch as high up as six feet to the sun. Head room is a requirement so allow for plenty of room for that upward mobility. It also needs a reasonable amount of attention in the form of regular pruning and trimming to prevent mold or mildew. Good quality soil, PH balanced water and fertilizer will give your plant what it needs and it will show its appreciation for the extra love come harvest time. Yields up to ten ounces per plant are common with well cared for plants.

Grapefruit Fem weed seeds and the plant they grow are pretty hard to improve on but talented seed breeders somehow managed to do it. Containing all the flavor and aroma of the original, Auto Grapefruit takes ease of growth to the next level. Not being a photoperiod dependent, this strain can be planted nearly anytime of the year in southern climates. Like the original, Auto Grapefruit is great for treating depression, fatigue and stress.

When a strain is named right the first time there usually isn’t a need or desire to change it. This seems to be the case with Grapefruit, although some earlier variants of the strain have gone by the moniker BC Grapefruit or Nectar’s Grapefruit. Neither of which have been applied to the current rendition.