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grapefruit auto marijuana seeds

Tropical strains prefer tropical environments, and Grapefruit feminized marijuana seeds offer no exception. Whether indoor or out, this strain prefers it humid and will produce fat lime green buds with a covering of thick orange hairs. Your Grapefruit plants won’t reach for the sky but they will produce anywhere between 400 and 800 grams per plant when treated right.

Grapefruit is a potent sativa that smells exactly like the fruit it was named after. This sativa is great for reducing pain, especially migraines, and stress.

Grapefruit marijuana – part of a balanced breakfast. Seriously though, this potent sativa-dominant strain (it boasts 21% THC) offers a happy and energetic high that will help you get through the day in style. There’s no such thing as boredom with a little Grapefruit on board!


It tastes just as juicy as it sounds, and medical users tend to savor the flavor of tropical citrus fruits when choosing Grapefruit marijuana to treat mental health disorders like depression, stress and anxiety. In fact, it’s one of the most lauded hybrids for reducing stress. Even people suffering from mild aches and pains like headaches, migraines, even symptoms of PMS, have found relief with this sweetly pungent cannabis which can make the pressures of daily responsibilities seem more manageable.

For a flavorful burst of tropical citrus that will brighten the darkest day, order Grapefruit feminized marijuana seeds now!

Grapefruit Autoflowering is the fully automatic edition of the Vancouver Sour Citrus line. This compact incarnation is essentially a “mini-me” clone of the original. Same great grapefruit aroma and flavor, with a very balanced head-body high. THC can be as much as 19%, rivaling photoperiod Grapefruit. This is some very tasty daytime stash.

Instead of towering weed trees with long-running main colas, Grapefruit Autoflowering finishes flowering looking like a sticky green baseball bat. Plants don’t branch much, but a chunky main stem packs plenty of bud into her short 60–90cm stature. Her complete life cycle is just 8–9 weeks. A reliable choice for beginners and SOG growers alike.

Grapefruit Autoflowering: A Compact, Fruity Stick Of Bud

Large-sized and elongated dense nugs, caked in trichomes. There is an abundance of closely packed orange pistils giving her a beautiful bag appeal and making her really stand out.

A perfect hybrid for growers who experience short summers, and need a fast and reliable producer. A low profile plant that has a very short flowering time also, suitable for cold and wet climates. To increase the yield capabilities of Grapefruit Auto even further, grow as many plants as you can closely together, as she’s a great choice for SOG method. Due to her already discreet size, with some LST applied, she’s a great choice for balcony, terrace, or back garden grows. Beginner growers will find this autoflowering hybrid to be easy work and require very little maintenance.

Smoke report

Thanks to the balance of Indica and Sativa genetics, effects can be experienced by a harmoniously creative, cerebral focused high, that gently mellows out to a soothing physical body. An excellent choice for morning and daytime use, social scenarios, and a way to stay focused and relaxed during the daytime, while enjoying some delicious fruity flavors.

A short and stocky hybrid that is well recommended to growers with limited space, and those looking for a discreet, low maintenance strain. Her final height will vary between 60-90cm, where she is able to produce yields of 400-600gr/m2 when grown closely together in a Sea of Green. Flowering time from seed until harvest will take between 9-10 weeks, during this time she will pack on the weight and begin to shine.

If you like fruity and floral terps then this is the strain for you. A smooth sweet and sour cocktail, with overtones of fresh grapefruit and earth. Her extracts are superb and will really enhance her exotic, bittersweet, grapefruit flavors, making her perfect for morning dabs.