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grandaddy purps feminized marijuana seeds

To ease into a restful sleep, reduce pain or even soothe a tumultuous tummy, Grand Daddy Purple is just the ticket, offering a generous euphoria and overall couch lock sensation. You’ll have to be patient with this strain, however, since GDP has a relatively long flowering period – upwards of 60 days. It’s worth the wait though, as most gardeners reap around 600-700 grams per flower when cultivated indoors.

The early aughts brought us many things we may wish to forget (*cough*trucker caps*cough) but one holdover from 2003 that will never go out of style? Granddaddy Purple (aka GDP), an infamous indica hybrid born of Purple Urkle and Big Bud.

A staple on the west coast, Grand Daddy Purple feminized marijuana has a fruity grape and berry aroma – borrowed from Purple Urkle, no doubt – and a beautiful, oversized bud structure. Not to mention it blooms in deep shades of purple, sugar dusted with resin crystals with an impressive 19% THC content.

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Good seeds. Plants grow fast and strong. I appreciate the low cost and true genetics in the shop!

Honestly i was worried about the delivery and payment security but everything went well! i’m gonna order some other seeds here too 🙂

Ian Tangles – April 9, 2019

Recreational Effects

For the past few years, Granddaddy Purple seeds have dominated the Cannabis news magazines for giving plants with high potency & resistance to fungi. The strain was introduced in Californian Medical marijuana circles in 2003 by Ken Estes who is better known as “Medicine man”. Everyone related to the business knew that this strain would be helpful for patients around the world. So efforts were made to make sure its wide availability in the market.

The fact that Granddaddy Purple strain was intended for use by medical patients across California might lead you to assume that this Marijuana strain is full of medicinal elements. The buds that you will get from plants by growing Grand Daddy Purp seeds will have less than 2% CBD.

GDP is used to treat a wide range of physical & mental conditions. Plants you get from GDP seeds are probably the most widely used for managing pain relief. They are especially suitable for patients with chronic pain. The strain is also used to manage depression & anxiety in patients who are suffering from lack of sleep. GDP helps them have proper sleep & come out of depression with its powerful recreational effects. Some patients may need a higher than usual dose for the treatment of their medical conditions like joint & back pain.

Penny – May 22, 2019