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grandaddy purple marijuana seeds

This is my first experience with DutchSeedsShop but so far so good. I sprouted these seeds and they look strong and beautiful. Quick service, I got seeds within a week.

I couldn’t find seeds at my local shop so I tried to order them here. As for me, delivery took a bit more time than I expected. Yet seeds turned out to be quite good.

Effects of Granddaddy Purple

I planed 5 of granddaddy purple fem seeds and all of them germinated!! Thank you a lot!

You can expect a higher yield by growing Granddaddy Purple seeds outdoor. Many growers prefer to harvest in mid-October and Grand Daddy Purple Yield for outdoor is between 14 – 21 ounces (400 – 600 g) per plant. Indoor growers get an average yield of 1.3 – 1.6 oz/ft 2 (400 – 500 g/m 2 ). If you want a high-yielding Indica, GDP seeds are worth growing.

Michael Stealth – November 29, 2016

Grand Daddy Purple Strain is an indica dominant variety producing an awe-inspiring aroma and taste. It stays true to its lineage remaining short and bushy, producing multiple bud sites glistening in THC. Grand Daddy Purp is a high yielding, extremely potent strain generating large amounts of THC at each bud site. During flowering (8-9 weeks) the buds become big and dense and take on a beautiful dark purple tinge, generating huge amounts of shiny THC crystals. This highly resinous strain gives off an unbelievably sweet aroma with slight pine and sandalwood undertones. The sweetness comes through in the smoke with a delightful sweet grape taste. The buzz delivers an intense indica stone thanks to this strains high potency. Excellent medical strain, particularly for pain relief and insomnia. Suitable for indoor and outdoors. Fast becoming an iconic strain, buy it while you can!