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gorilla glue #4 x zkittles marijuana seeds

Why not let her medical grade 24% THC seduce you into a warm realm of rest and relaxation that you will never want to leave. Flowering times of 8-9 weeks can be expected indoors, with outdoor grows finishing in early October. Expect up to 2.5 kg from a well cared for outdoor grow and a final height of up to 1.7m. Get hold of some Barneys Farm GORILLA ZKITTLEZ™ today.

Content for people of 18 years of age or older, entering is reserved for people at the age of majority. In the Netherlands, the age of majority is 18 years old, check your local laws and respect them. We dispatch our marijuana seeds with the reservation that they will not be used in conflict with national laws. Customers must be aware that cannabis seeds are illegal in some countries. Barneys Farm provides these seeds on condition that they will not be taken to countries where they are illegal. Those doing so are solely responsible for their own actions and Barney’s Farm accepts no responsibility in this regard. Our online store complies with Netherlands law. Seeds are sold strictly for souvenirs, storage and genetic preservation. General legal notice: Germination is illegal in most countries, please check your country's law regarding seeds, paraphernalia and other products related with Cannabis culture.


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Unleash the gigantic power of West Coast genetics with an amazing fusion of GG 4 and Zkittlez. Introducing Barney’s Farm brand new GORILLA ZKITTLEZ™. An exquisite trichome celebration awaits the patient following 60 days in bloom. You won’t forget the first time you experience her fertile fruits. Leaning toward the Indica side of the cannabis spectrum, this emerging favourite is a powerful and thought provoking beauty, whose trichome-laden glistening pistils will delight all comers.

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After the germination of Gorilla Zkittlez strain seeds, growers wait excitedly for the plants to start flowering. Most growers prefer cultivating this weed indoors, where they can control the growing conditions. The plant takes between 60 to 65 days on average to complete the flowering stage in indoor settings, while in outdoor settings flowering will end in October.

Gorilla Zkittlez weed seeds have extremely low CBD levels, which explains the overwhelming head-high effects.

The Phenotype of Gorilla Zkittlez Seeds

Gorilla Glue Zkittlez seeds also cause cottonmouth, which occurs when the salivary glands cannot produce enough saliva. Cottonmouth is characterized by dry mouth and irritation on the throat and eyes. You can reduce the intensity of cottonmouth by taking enough fluids during or after a weed session from Gorilla Zkittlez feminized seeds.

Gorilla Zkittlez weed seeds are one of the few strains that are easy to grow and have high yields. The strain can grow both indoors and outdoors and only requires a mild climate to yield optimally. When you cultivate the strain indoors, it yields between 1.6 – 1.8 oz/ft² (500 – 550 g/m²). On the other hand, when you grow it outdoors, you should expect to harvest 21 oz (600 gr) per plant, on average.

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Similar to the last strain, this one is an autoflowering version. Gorilla Glue #4 Auto Fem can have so many benefits when smoked in proper doses. Freeing the mind and body from tension and stress can make a huge positive impact on a person’s day. This weed will put your body and mind to rest helping you recharge for the next busy day ahead.

With most things, too much of anything can come with some unwanted side effects. With marijuana, it’s the same. If you do not start with small doses, it could backfire on you and bite you in the butt. For beginner smokers as well, you want to ease into it so you know how much your body and mind can consume comfortably. When not cautious, you can end up having anxiety, dizziness, and paranoia. With smoking almost any marijuana, red eyes and dry mouth are usually a thing. To avoid these irritations, pack a refreshing drink and stay hydrated to help these inconveniences go away.

If you are looking to compliment your Gorilla Glue #4 Zkittles Fem garden with similar strains, give Alien Gorilla Glue Photo Fem a try. Holding a THC content up to 24%, this weed will take your mind off the daily stress, and bring you a psychedelic buzz. Leaving you happy and uplifted, this bud will help ease anxiety, depression, and more.

GG4 Skittles Photoperiod Fem Strain Seeds in the USA

Ordering cannabis seeds online has never been easier than it is with Weed Seeds. Our easy to navigate website makes shopping for marijuana seeds fun. With quick shipping and handling, these 420 seeds will make it to your location no matter where you live in the nation, in just a matter of weeks. We want you to succeed and that is why the seeds from Weeds Seeds have a germination guarantee. If you want your seeds to sprout, you should buy weed seeds that are stored and shipped in temperature-controlled environments from a trusted online seed bank. When buying from a local dispensary, they usually don’t have the strains you typically look for. This is when Weed Seeds online seed bank comes into the picture to get what you need in no time. Saving you time and effort from having to go anywhere to get the perfect strain seeds, we want to make your life convenient by supporting your cannabis goals. When you order from Weed Seeds, you can be sure you are getting your marijuana seeds from a trusted location. The quicker you order your Gorilla Glue #4 Zkittles Fem seeds, the sooner you will be watching these babies grow into huge dank buds.

This scrumptious bud will have your taste buds on alert as soon as the smoke hits your lips. On the inhale you will taste the sweet yet earthy flavors as they take over your senses. On the exhale, the pungent essence comes to the table and you will be longing for another mouth watering toke. One of the best parts about this weed is the sweet taste it leaves on your tongue.

A super heavy-hitting strain to grow is Gorilla Glue #4 Photo Fem which has a huge impact on the body and mind. By sending a sensational wave throughout the body, it helps relieve tension and pain. It has the power to help those who have a constant battle with migraines, fatigue, and arthritis.

Last but not least we have Gorilla Glue Lemon Photo Fem which is a high yielding strain with admirable nugs. With its lemony fragrance and earthy flavors, this weed is simply sublime. This strain is a fan favorite. Anyone who gives it a try, will no doubt be back for more of this dank bud. Coated with super sticky resin, it’s the perfect strain to make concentrations with.