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gorilla glue #4 marijuana seeds

Gorilla Glue #4 is a beastly cultivar that has a profoundly positive impact on both mind and body. If enjoyed in moderation, it provides a dose of cerebral freedom that can help clear stress and tension, while at the same time sending a pleasurable wave of stimulation from head to toe. It’s said to be great for combatting the likes of migraines, arthritis and fatigue.

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Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized by Kyle Kushman

Alternatively, Gorilla Glue #4 can be cultivated outdoors, but gardeners should only take this option in locations with a favorable climate. In the northern hemisphere, it gets busy nurturing its buds under the summer heat and is ready for harvest no later than Mid-October. When grown in Mediterranean climates, a single plant can produce up to 28 ounces.

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An indoor-grown Gorilla Glue #4 plant stretches up to 4.5 feet and, in ideal conditions, yields around 1.6 to 2 ounces for every square foot. To achieve the most abundant harvests, growers should rear at least four plants in a Sea of Green (SOG) setup. It is also vital to ensure the right balance of heat and humidity. During the 9 to 10 weeks of flowering, the temperature should be within 68 to 79°F while RH levels must be at 40% to 50%. Lastly, the grow room must be equipped with a powerful odor control system as this cultivar has a particularly overwhelming fragrance.

Potency (and these seeds should carry a potency warning) will outstrip most other strains, the dense glupey resin crystals contain extreme levels of THC producing a happy, euphoric effect with an aftermath of heavy sedation, no wonder this is one of the top demanded cannabis strains in the entire sphere. As a medical strain GG#4 is a great way to ease pain, relax muscle tension and aid with sleep disorders an all round feel good marijuana strain that will make you feel like you have conquered the world.

So if you’re looking for Gorilla Glue # 4 cannabis seeds in a fully feminised variety then search no more, Original Sensible Seeds have them here all ready to grow. Be prepared to glue up your trimming scissors!

Growing Gorilla Glue # 4 or GG#4 as it’s commonly refered to these days is a breeze and breeders of all levels will be able to produce the most stickiest resin coated buds that this strain is renowned for effortlessly.

Just mention the words Gorilla Glue and the cannabis community jungle drums boom like crazy, Gorilla cannabis seeds are considered the worlds strongest and stickiest ever created and Original Sensible Seeds feminised Gorilla Glue #4 variety is a force to be reckoned with. Dense dark green buds shimmer like emeralds covered in a gluey glaze like a coating of glossy enamel.

This great ape is certain to stir up a rumble in the jungle What was only previously available in clone form Original Sensible Seeds have brought to the masses an easy to grow feminised variety for all to get stuck on.