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good marijuana seeds in california

Tucked into an alley in downtown San Francisco, this tiny shop has a reputation for carrying boutique flowers that you can’t find anywhere else, and their seed selection is no different! Here you’ll find a dozen unheard-of varieties from Cult Classic Seeds, a Sonoma County breeder with novel genetics named American Girl, Ripple, and SmokeyMon, fairly priced at $100 for a ten-pack. Don’t leave without picking up an eighth of flower from Red Beard Farms or JAHnetics, you’ll be glad you did!

This simple but revolutionary act will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, provide a fun hobby, and give you access to rare cultivars that you can’t find at local dispensaries. Plus, watching cannabis grow is one of life’s pleasures, encouraging a more personal connection to the plant, and a deeper appreciation to your DIY supply.

This pioneering Berkeley dispensary stocks just a few seed varieties from Cali Connection, Crockett Family Farms, and TGA Seeds. Look for the CBD OG seeds if you’re interested in growing a CBD-rich variety, while TGA’s Vortex is a lovely award-winning sativa that would benefit from stretching out in a sunny backyard. Prices at BPG range from $80 for a five-pack of Vortex to $110 for 12 seeds of Crockett’s highly resinous Clifford cultivar.

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Start fantasizing about your backyard crop by browsing the menus, find the plants best suited to your needs at a dispensary near you, and begin planning your Spring garden now!

A robust genetics department stocked with seeds and clones has always been part of Harborside’s trailblazing business model, with knowledgeable staff available to assist with cultivation questions. Over a dozen Dark Heart clones were in stock recently, including Do-Si-Dos, Purple Punch, Sherbet and Blackjack. Look for seeds from Humboldt Seed Company, including favorites like Lemon Kush, Humboldt Headband and GS Cookies, priced at $110 for a 20-pack.

Pick up fun flavors from Crockett Family Farms at this Aptos dispensary, including feminized varieties of hot new strains Cherry Poppins, Georgia Peach, and Slurpee Syrup, which are guaranteed to produce female plants, eliminating guesswork for growers. A six-pack of feminized seeds costs $125, compared to regular varieties of Banana Pie and Strawberry Fields priced at $115 for a 12-pack.

Growing your own cannabis is now legal in California under Proposition 64. If you happen to smoke often, consider gardening mandatory.

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To help you better understand how to buy cannabis seeds and start growing marijuana plants from the comfort of your own home successfully, we’ve created a complete guide to help you get started. Keep reading to learn more!

What Are the Different Types of Marijuana Seeds?

We service all of California including Southern Cali, South Cal and Los Angeles.

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