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Topanga Canyon OG Kush

Topanga Canyon OG is an OG Kush phenotype that has gained extreme popularity for her incredibly hearty genetics that produces iconic OG Kush flowers with the classic OG aroma and flavor everyone loves. Topanga Canyon OG’s exclusivity has contributed to her popularity. Big licensed gardens like the Jungle Boys of Los Angeles, California have made the cut well known but finding this cultivar to add to your garden in clone form is rare. This easy to grow OG phenotypes produces gorgeous flowers with tightly packed calyxes that are covered in trichomes with golden orange pistil hairs highlighting the light and dark greens of the bud. This is an excellent variety for anyone looking for pain reduction or to reduce stress and stimulate the appetite.

GMO Kush is a cross of GMO and Topanga Canyon OG. This breeding project brings together two of the top cultivars in today’s Cannabis world. Both GMO and Topanga Canyon OG are known for producing extraordinarily potent and flavorful buds that will not only command your attention in the garden, but they will also wow and amaze you with their bag appeal. Combining the qualities of both GMO and Topanga Canyon OG for GMO Kush will deliver new phenotypes with high yields, nose grabbing aroma, and tremendous potency.

Topanga Canyon OG Kush

GMO also knows as Chem Cookies, and Garlic Cookies is one of the best new crosses in cannabis today. Mamiko Seeds bred this elite cultivar by crossing the legendary Chem D to Girl Scout Cookies. Skunkmasterflex of Skunk House Genetics discovered this phenotype and kindly shared it with the community. GMO is known first and foremost for her insane aroma and flavor that produces a mixed smell of morning breath, garlic, and onions. GMO produces incredible extracts with extremely high yields that grab your attention with her unmatched aroma and flavor. The potency of GMO also sets her apart. This phenotype is known for being extremely powerful, delivering a mind racing effect along with a sluggish body high that can have you stuck on the couch for hours. This is not a cultivar for novice users, so be aware if you have a busy schedule. An excellent parent for GMO Kush.

GMO Kush is a cross of GMO and Topanga Canyon OG. This breeding project brings together two of the top cultivars in today’s Cannabis world. Both GMO and Topanga Canyon OG are known for producing extraordinarily potent and flavorful buds.

Get ready for out of this world concentrates from GMO Kush. GMO is known to produce insane amounts of resin, and the extract from crosses is no different. Combining GMO and Topanga Canyon will produce new phenotypes with the power and flavor of Chem D twisted together with OG Kush. The Girl Scout Cookies will continue to contribute to magnificent bag appeal and even more enhanced flavors. This is an excellent cultivar for all levels of growers, but it will stretch quite a bit especially with GMO dominant phenotypes so be prepared to train your plants with a trellis net or stake and super crop to maximize your yields. You will not want to miss out on this cross of GMO and Topanga Canyon OG. Grab a pack of GMO Kush today.

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Hybrid Profiles

The key ingredient that differentiates a shitty bag of weed and a great one boils down to the genes of the plant. Genetic engineering works in manipulating cannabis seed DNA to create super seeds that are tailored to produce desired traits in the plant. In the cannabis communities gene-tweaking is gaining popularity as it results in far greater control over the crop, i.e. specific flavours can be induced, the potency is pre-determined, feminization, removal of THC in medical marijuana strains etc.

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