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girl scout cookies x sour diesel marijuana seeds

This hybrid is highly suitable for growing in SCROG, as its vegetative vigour means that it will quickly fill the trellis, producing a dense canopy of fat buds during flowering. Plants are ready to harvest after roughly 70 days, producing around 500g per m 2 of swollen, dense flowers spread across al the branches, with “popcorn” style calyxes totally bathed in resinous trichomes forming really large colas.

The flowering plants give off a vey intense aroma, mixing notes of fuel, acidic sour fruit and sweet floral flavours, so powerful that it means the use of a carbon filter is essential for indoor cultivation.

West Coast Sour Diesel x Girl Scout Cookies “Thin Mint”

The effect when consumed is euphoric and cerebral, pleasant and motivating, filling you with creative energy which makes it perfect for partying or sharing with friends.

Now available in the Philosopher Seeds Limited Edition range of genetics, West Coast Sour Diesel x GSC Thin Mint in the form of feminised cannabis seeds.

This hybrid aims to combine the intensely stimulating effect and delicious “Sour” aroma of the WCSD with the sweetness, potency and resin production of Thin Mint Cookies, resulting in an incredible plant in every way.

On the one hand the female parent is a West Coast Sour Diesel clone, a cross between East Coast Sour Diesel x Frisco OG by Norstar. An extensive selection until the best individual was found.

It offers a very intense and penetrating aroma, mixing fuel, acidic, floral and sweet fruit notes. It is essential to use an active carbon filter when cultivating it in an indoor grow tent.

West Coast Sour Diesel x GSC “Thin Mint”, feminised seeds in Limited Edition by Philosopher Seeds is happy to present West Coast Sour Diesel x Girl Scout Cookies “Thin Mint”, a feminised marijuana variety in Limited Edition by Philosopher Seeds.

It produces flexible and strong branches with wide internodal spaces. The plant acquires a robust but somewhat aerated appearance. It adapts well to both pruning and moulding, being a variety very simple to cultivate.

This structure makes it ideal for SCROG cultivation, with a vigorousness that fills the net quickly. A real ocean of thick flower colas during maturation. It is ready for harvest after about 70 days, offering a yield of up to 500g per m2 of rocky looking buds with “Pop Corn” calyxes scattered with a thick resin layer.