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girl scout cookies x kush marijuana seeds

For maximum productivity, the best setup for this strain is the Sea of Green (SOG). This simply means placing 7 to 9 plants close together for every square meter of space. It makes the most efficient use of the area and encourages the shrubs to grow more vigorously within a shorter period. For optimum results, use 600-watt grow lights and keep them on for 18 to 20 consecutive hours per day. In as little as 4 to 6 weeks, flowering may be triggered by switching the light schedule to 12 hours on, 12 hours off.

The unusual interbreeding of the ever-popular GSC and the classic Kush produced a strain that leans more towards the Indica side. This gives the plant a short and stocky figure, with thick stems that form close together. The sage-green leaves are broad – the better to catch the light. In addition, it is naturally resilient against harsh weather and common pathogens. With elementary care, even beginners will be able to see a generous harvest of sticky, aromatic nuggets sprinkled with apricot-colored hairs.

The most important thing to keep in mind when employing this method is relative humidity (RH). Thick foliage will trap moisture, and although GSC Kush is not very fussy, too high an RH can cause mold and mildew to proliferate. Furthermore, an excessively damp environment can cause the stomata on the leaves to close, inhibiting fluid absorption. Consequently, nutrient solutions will not be absorbed properly, and the plants will not reach their full potential.

This problem is eliminated when you plant outdoors. As long as there is plenty of sunlight and good air circulation, this strain can virtually grow itself. In summation, all these qualities just mentioned make for supremely easy cultivation.

Developed in California’s Bay Area by a collective known as ‘Cookie Fam,’ GSC is a 60% indica hybrid strain, a combination of the legends Durban Poison and OG Kush. Capable of reaching stratospheric THC levels beyond 28%, GSC typically measures in the region of 20-24% with CBD and CBN levels usually well below 1%.

The prize winning lineage of Girl Scout Cookies has produced a winner in its own right, one that offers heady levels of THC, the sweetest combination of mental and physical effects all drawn together with an aroma and flavour that will leave anyone salivating. Girl scout cookies is a new staple and something that no connoisseur should be without.

High CBD

The hybrid nature of GSC provides consumers with highs that mix the best of both worlds, a cerebral rush and spiritual boost from the sativa and an intense relaxation and body hit from the indica. These qualities combine to form a truly monumental experience, often leaving those lucky enough to enjoy it in a state of complete nirvana. Due to the high THC levels GSC is suitable for relieving many physical ailments though is best indulged in later in the day as it can also easily overwhelm and leave you melting into the sofa.

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The bright green buds of GSC are often accompanied by patches of purple and come wrapped in deep purple leaves and electric orange hairs. Breaking open one of these beautiful buds releases a stunning sugary smell that perfectly complements the smooth and mellow baseline earthen aroma. Shots of cinnamon soon become apparent, only intensifying during when the buds are lit, giving a distinctive aroma not unlike that of fresh baked cookies.