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girl scout cookies marijuana seeds for sale

White Label Girl Scout Cookies’ parent plants are noted for being low-maintenance, productive varieties, with high levels of THC. This strain retains all these qualities, making it a solid option for novices. It’s also an ideal choice for more experienced growers who can bring it to its full, impressive potential.

The flowering patterns of White Label GSC show strong influences from its indica and sativa genetics. Calyxes multiply rapidly and swell in size, forming strings which twist around each other to create spiky floral clusters. These continue expanding throughout the second half of flowering, running along the stem and branches to close the gaps between internodes. Finally, they form long, sticky colas with a gorgeous bubbly appearance.

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Outdoor and greenhouse-grown plants can easily reach 200 or 250 cm by their October harvest time. Indoors, cuttings can be flowered at around 30-40 cm to attain a final height of 100 cm. Flowering original seed plants at the same height is likely to result in plants reaching 125 cm by harvest time.

Thanks to its Afghan heritage, Girl Scout Cookies often takes on violet hues in the later flowering period. These come through in the dark purple leaves and lavender highlights on the base of calyxes. At harvest time and after drying, the buds of this strain display a combination of purple and green foliage, bright orange pistils, and sparkling white-golden resin glands. It’s a visual treat that complements their potency and flavour.

White Label Girl Scout Cookies feminized cannabis seeds grow into plants with strong, productive branching. Branches tend to grow upwards rather than outwards, allowing indoor plants to be grown quite close together.

Girl Scout Cookies has incredible medicinal applications ranging from treating stress, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and a lack of appetite. Recently, many people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders have reported that GSC has significantly reduced their symptoms and helped make their day to day lives more easily managed. You may also want to consider having multiple choices of munchie food on hand because this strain is well known to bring a hunger no one bag of chips will satisfy.

Certainly not the type of cannabis seeds to be relegated to just one growing method, this strain also excels in a Sea of Green growing format. For those not aware of the term Sea of Green, or SOG, it refers to growing many plants in a shorter period of time versus a few plants for a longer period of time. Where you would normally grow four plants in ten-gallon pots for two to three months, you would now grow ten plants in one-gallon pots for one to two months. Using SOG allows indoor cannabis cultivators to turn out consistently high yielding plants and keep a constant stash of home grown weed at their fingertips year-round. This is a serious bonus when you’re wanting to be sure to have tons of beauty buds to blaze!

Adverse Reactions

GSC is like no other and no other strain is quite like GSC. Almost immediately after you’ve taken your first toke that familiar feeling of happiness takes over leading you to a euphoric, relaxed and calm state of mind. Once settled into that calm this sweet green flower will fill you with a sense of creativity that may have you wanting to break out the drawing pencils or paint brush to let your inner artist out to express itself. Follow this up with some serious relaxation as the indica kicks in, and you’re sure to love the well-rounded effects this strain offers.

With a name like Girl Scout Cookies the strain was destined to encounter a few raised eyebrows and some push back regarding its given name in relation to the actual food product and who sells it. This is the reason the strain is much more commonly referred to as GSC. Other funky monikers include Berner Cookies or Berner’s Cookies, named after the original California breeder of the strain, rapper and cannabis heavyweight Berner. He developed the strain within a cannabis growing collective known as “The Cookie Fam” and once it was introduced to fellow musician Wiz Khalifa, it took off and became one of the most popular strains of all time.

Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds became one of the most highly desired marijuana seed since its introduction to the cannabis community. Its potency and smokability gave rise to many different varieties and hybrids of the original parent plant. Fans of GSC will love growing and smoking many of these off shoots. First and foremost we like to mention the great capabilities of the autoflowering Auto Girl Scout Cookies fem