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get rich marijuana seeds

Photoperiod-sensitive cannabis strains require a 12/12 light/dark cycle to transition from vegetative growth to flowering. Our phenomenally potent feminized varieties all punch through the 20% THC threshold for high-grade cannabis. The following are the nobility of RQS feminized seeds.

You want the chronic? Well, whether you can handle it or not, you got it. This is no run-of-the-mill best-in-class cannabis roundup. These are the 10 most potent strains by category in the RQS collection. Nothing but royal dankness. Recreational growers will relish our super high-THC feminized and autoflowering strains. And for the CBD grower, we’ve included our finest CBD-rich strains that also offer impressive THC levels to boot.

Calling 2020 a challenging year would be an understatement. After weathering the storm, cannabis growers all over the world are welcoming spring 2021 with open arms. It’s time to embrace a new year, new opportunities, and another successful growing season. If you’re after enormous levels of THC and heavy yields, consider sowing our 2021 genetics.



The ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies teamed up with the newly minted cannabis celebrity Gelato. Joining dank forces in superhero fashion, the outcome of this pairing was made manifest in Cookies Gelato. Packing a punch with up to 28% THC, she’s pretty much as potent as you can get, delivering an immediate high that hits from the top down. Although not a smoke for novices, seasoned smokers love the cerebral, almost psychedelic buzz that comes with a nice relaxing touch. Sugary sweetness, a hallmark flavour of Cookies strains, makes it difficult to put the strain down, but then her massive potency helps keep you in line.

In areas where Indica grows naturally, the growing season starts out with long days and shorter nights. This is the pattern Indicas need during their vegetative states. During the natural transition from summer to fall, though, days become shorter and nights grow longer. At that point, the cycle converts to 12 hours of daylight followed by 12 hours of darkness. This shift signals Indicas to begin their flowering phases.

Extraordinary Hybrids

Auto White Widow x Crystal Meth Fem

With large yields of light green buds, these plants are stable and do well in cooler conditions. Very uplifting high for an Indica that is said to last up to 6 hours!

Since THC so closely matches the structure of anandamide, it binds with anandamide receptors in the brain and nervous system. In turn, it affects the same functions as this naturally generated chemical. That’s why consuming THC produces the infamous high so many people seek.

Pot seeds may be small and inconspicuous at first glance. Underneath their humble exterior, though, they hide quite a few fascinating secrets. During the thousands of years since their discovery, they’ve built a lengthy list of interesting details.

Since monthly electricity bills can go over $30,000 or more, it would be wise to develop a production plan that allows you to mitigate your expenses. The best way to cut down on the expenses is to research the cost in different areas. Look for both labor and utility costs. Then there are other issues to worry about, such as environmental conditions, etc.

Supplying both illegal and recreational black markets was one thing, but running a business is a whole new deal. Nowadays, it’s as much about growing weed as it is about being familiar with the regulations. In fact, the success of your weed business depends on your knowledge and compliance with the regulations.

Starting a professional weed seeds business requires resources, time, and effort. More importantly, it also requires a good deal of planning, as getting started is the hardest part.

Reward Loyal Customers to Build a Following

The United States is working around the clock to legalize marijuana for medical use, with Canada making plans to follow the example of its big brother. In other words, the cannabis industry in these two huge markets will change for the better, creating many new opportunities for all those who plan on getting rich with weed seeds.

So, financing your operations, getting started, and getting your products to the market, are the biggest three things that need your immediate attention. In addition, you’ll also need to worry about legalizing your operations.

Legalization only means that the black market is a thing of the past, and the new market is ready for new players. If you never gave a thought to growing weed for a living, maybe it’s time for a change. Here’s how to earn $1,000,000 using weed seeds.

Marketing is one side of the coin while approaching consumers in the way they prefer is the other. Both efforts need to complement one another. It would be best if you were into weed cultivation as much as you are into marketing and improving your conversion rate.