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germinating marijuana seeds rockwool

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Flush your soil or hydro plants one week before harvest. Restrict nutrients and only provide water to remove excess salts from the soil and allow plants to use up the last of their supplies. This will result in tastier and smoother buds.

Rockwool also poses a potential health hazard to growers. New Rockwool cubes can contain a lot of loose fibres and dust. These particles can end up in the air, and even on your skin and in your eyes, mouth, and lungs. Much like asbestos, tiny fibres can build up in the lungs over time if you work with new Rockwool cubes every day.

Once your seedling looks ready for a new home, you’ll find it incredibly easy to move it directly into a pot full of soil or a hydroponic net pot. Unlike transplanting from soil, you don’t need to break apart the initial growing medium or deal with any mess. Simply pick up the cube and slot it into its destination.

2. Don’t Squeeze Your Cubes

Some growers like to keep repotting their plants as they grow. However, for the sake of simplicity, we recommend transplanting into a fabric pot and keeping your plants there until harvest. This reduces future transplant stress and keeps plants growing quickly.

Here are some final tips to reference so you can master using Rockwool to grow cannabis.

Rockwool cubes become saturated with water when you soak them, but it quickly drains away. Each cube contains many small spaces between the fibres that help to effectively drain water.

Rockwool is a branded form of mineral wool, a material used primarily as thermal and acoustic insulation in the construction of homes, hospitals, recording studios, and even stadiums.

You may notice it’s impossible to get accurate pH readings on zero parts per million reverse osmosis water.

If the final destination for my seedlings is soil, soilless mix, or coco coir, I put the appropriate material in a JiffyPot and water them from the bottom with reverse osmosis water at 6.1 pH.

Don’t Drown Your Cannabis Seeds

The rockwool cube, soil, soilless mix, or coco that you germinate marijuana seeds in shouldn’t be soaking wet.

I add beneficial microbes such as Voodoo Juice, Piranha, and Tarantula until I get enough parts per million to make my pH readings accurate.

The seeds have to be carefully plucked from the paper towels or water, and just as carefully placed into a growing media.