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germinating marijuana seeds in rockwool cubes

When your seedlings/cuttings have outgrown their blocks, you’ll need to move them into your hydroponic setup. Before we explain how to do this, here are the best and most suitable systems to use alongside Rockwool blocks.

Once your seedling looks ready for a new home, you’ll find it incredibly easy to move it directly into a pot full of soil or a hydroponic net pot. Unlike transplanting from soil, you don’t need to break apart the initial growing medium or deal with any mess. Simply pick up the cube and slot it into its destination.

The Danish founders of Rockwool obtained a licence in 1935 to produce stone wool in Scandinavia, Germany, and New Jersey. Over almost a century, the Rockwool company has continually refined their manufacturing process to create a more efficient and effective product.

Top Tips for Using Rockwool

Here are some final tips to reference so you can master using Rockwool to grow cannabis.

We don’t recommend using the same Rockwool cube to start a new seed. Although the material itself prevents microbial growth, small pieces of roots and organic matter can end up trapped between the fibres, which can encourage the growth of detrimental fungi.

This nutrient supports the growth of every plant cell, aids in energy transfer and photosynthesis, and plays an especially important role during the flowering phase. As a bonus, basalt rock dust also helps to absorb large quantities of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Just like every other form of growing media, Rockwool cubes also carry some unique disadvantages.

The best depth for planting marijuana seed is 3/8 th to ½ inch below the surface line.

Old or inferior seeds can take as long as 10-11 days.

Look here for detailed information that helps you germinate marijuana seeds using rockwool cubes.

Don’t Drown Your Cannabis Seeds

If the media is too wet, seeds might rot or drown.

The biggest mistake growers make when they germinate marijuana seeds is overwatering.

The seeds have to be carefully plucked from the paper towels or water, and just as carefully placed into a growing media.

If your seeds are old or otherwise not fresh or reliable, look at this kit that can help them germinate.