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germinating marijuana seeds in rapid rooters

What if the paper towel is not dry after 36hours? Should you wait or plant the seed anyway?

We do this so the seed does not fall into the lower part of the medium that would be tragic.

Portable temperature and humidity meter. These can be purchased for around ten dollars or online at Amazon

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Grow on my friends.

If you are looking for different ways to germinate your cannabis seeds.

Let me know in the comment your preferred method, and how your plants are doing.

You are not home free from here. You have to deal with:

Rooters/plant plugs are awesome for cuttings, but for Cannabis seeds it only seems like a slight step up from paper towels to me.

The seeds cracked so I placed them in damp paper towel in an enclosed tupperware bin. The tails haven’t showed yet (could they be dead) It has been two days.

Is this going to work?


2-3) inches. For this reason, and to prevent the media from drying out very quickly, it is recommended to start seeds in a container at least 3.5-4 inches deep. This way the tap root has sufficient room to stretch out from the outset. The seedlings also wont have to be handled so much. You can use Rooters to germ Cannabis seeds, but you’re going to want to transplant them into a larger container relatively soon after they sprout. Right after they sprout you should see a taproot hanging out of the plug, which isn’t really a good thing.

Okay so I placed my seeds in water until they sank, but I also turned on a heater on the containers to get them hot (no heating pad).. the water got pretty hot for about an hour. Could that have been bad for the seed first off/killed them.

They are under 2 23w CFL’s.

Also cut off a small piece of the plug and gently placed over the holes.

When you set out to germinate your cannabis seeds, you must understand and replicate the natural systems and environments that help seeds flourish. In nature, annual plants (such as cannabis) create seeds because the plants are dying and will need to preserve their genetics during the harsh months to come. These seeds must be hearty enough to withstand cold, heat, drought, animal digestion, insects, and many other types of adversity. Seeds typically undergo germination when conditions are warm with rainy, creating a moist environment.

7. Watch for the seeds to sprout and surface, making sure to lightly water every 2-3 days to prevent Rapid Rooters from drying out (5) .

During Germination

Germinating Cannabis Seeds – Growing your own weed is one of the most rewarding experiences in life! Growing cannabis allows you to discover phenotypes that no one else has ever experienced.

The warm water washes away growth-inhibiting hormones and moistens the seed at the cellular level, thus providing the optimal conditions for growth. In nature, most plants produce large amounts of seeds. And with luck, a small number will germinate and survive to grow up and reproduce themselves. As masters of the indoor growing environment, it is up to us to germinate and pass on desired genetic traits.

Nevertheless, growing from seed can be challenging. Germinating cannabis seeds requires practice and research to perfect the process. It can have many pitfalls when approached incorrectly. This results in wasted time, wasted money, and much heartache. With the help of this simple tutorial, you can avoid these pitfalls and grow healthy plants from seed every time!