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gelato auto marijuana seeds

As the Sativa effects fade away, the Indica properties kick in, inducing a state of calmness. As the effects continue to sink in, your limbs might start to feel weak, and the brain becomes clouded with thoughts. If you have a low tolerance to THC, you might get sedated and sink further into a couchlock.

The Indica, Sativa, and THC properties in Gelato autoflower marijuana contain significant medical benefits. We expect the demand for Gelato auto cannabis seeds to skyrocket, following the findings on the strain’s medical properties. The following are the potential medical benefits of marijuana harvested from auto Gelato seeds:

Similarly, the aroma in Gelato autoflower is a combination of cookie dough, smooth, vanilla, and sweet. You are also likely to get ice cream notes when you combust the buds.

Recreational Effects

When you first smoke this weed, the Sativa properties induce euphoric effects. The euphoria is marked by excitement, energizing body and brain, and a happy mood. First-time users are likely to experience paranoia.

The rich flavor and aroma have made marijuana enthusiasts buy more Gelato autoflower seeds to try them out. When you light a roll of this magical weed, you should prepare your taste buds for the unique experience that it accords.

Developing an autoflower strain with high THC content has been a major challenge, but not anymore. Therefore, the Gelato autoflower seeds were developed with high precision to ensure that the strain achieves this rare feature. Several tests have established that this autoflower records between 19 and 21% THC. Novice marijuana users might find this strain overwhelming.

Medium height: The marijuana plant from auto Gelato seeds attains a medium height, usually 2 to 3 feet (70 to 100cm), under optimal conditions.

This strain sticks up for its reputation with its powerful scent that hits your nose with a fresh fruity smell that you won’t be able to miss. As you get closer to the buds, the earthiness and sandalwood tinges come into play until the citrusy fragrance takes over. Its many scents are very enjoyable with a mixture of blueberry, orange, and lavender taking over making you want to roll one up to taste what it has to offer.

Once you have tried Auto Gelato Fem and you’re looking for something similar, Gelato is the same sweet strain without the auto and fem components. It has a remarkable sweet flavor and has made a great name for itself in the marijuana world. This strain is known for quickly relieving stress, anxiety, depression, pain and symptoms of cancer. The mix of the Limonene, Linalool, and Ocimene gives off a super fruity and minty fragrance with earthy and sandalwood undertones.

Another strain similar to Auto Gelato Fem with a crazy high THC content of 28% is Girl Scout Cookies. This strain has made its name around the world with its long-lasting effects that past users have found can last all day giving you a relaxed, yet happy, high. Its flavors are unique, ,and you’ll taste brown sugar with tinges of nutmeg and a peppery undertone. Even though this strain is highly resistant to pesticides and mold it can be a stickler for beginner cultivators.

Adverse Reactions

Not every has an indoor set up to grow their cannabis seeds, as it can be more expensive and take up space you don’t have. That’s when growing outdoors comes in handy as mother nature does most of the growing for you. Being able to spread these seeds out can be huge as they grow super tall and into big yields. Because of the sativa ruderalis genetics in Auto Gelato Fem strain seeds grow and prosper outdoors. Because it doesn’t grow super tall, it makes growing in your backyard a bit easier a bit more discrete and yields 3.5 ounces per plant.

Cultivators looking for potent female seeds are in the right place as I49 has many options, making it easy to find the perfect seeds for your grow. Alaskan Purple Fem offers a relaxing high which seems to last for a long time, past users have reported. Its captivating fruity and sweet flavors makes it a very enjoyable smoke with a THC content that can reach up to 27%. Grown outdoors, these yield an enormous amount of 50-60 ounces per plant and can grow super tall, so be sure to have support prepared. This strain was created from a cross between the strong genetics of Brazillian Sativa, Kush, and Alaskan Purple.

When grown indoors, keep the temperature at 70 to 80°F and a humidity of 40-50% to grow these plants into big luscious nugs. Being able to control the temperature of this strain can be a huge advantage as you can be sure to keep it in a Mediterranean environment and keep the bugs and unwanted predators out of your plants. Auto Gelato can grow 1.63 ounces per square foot when grown with the Sea of Green method.

When you decide to plant these seeds, its growing cycle lasts about 10 to 11 weeks and can grow up to 60-100 cm tall. These marijuana plants like 18 hours each day of light or else it will affect its growth. Protecting your plant from harmful things such as pests and weather conditions can have a big impact on these plants as they have a hard time recovering from stress. The Sea of Green setup, which the method of maturing plants faster so you can harvest a lot of smaller plants, has been known to work great with this strain. Instead of cultivating a couple plants for a long time period, you can grow many small plants in the same space where they mature in less time.