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gd funk marijuana seeds

If you’re the type of person who likes to start their day with a soothing cup of hot tea, then you’re going to love Green Dream marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. The major selling point of the Green Dream marijuana strain is that it smells exactly like green tea, mixed with some additional fruity notes. The aroma alone is enough to entice you and keep you coming back for me.

Not to mention, this strain is beautiful to look at. She typically comes with a heavy coat of white trichomes, as well as bright orange hairs. Green Dream has a THC makeup of 24%, which makes it a better choice for experienced smokers. Novice users may feel overwhelmed by Green Dream’s psychoactive effects. This strain is a cross between Blue Dream and Green Crack.

To all you tea lovers out there, Green Dream marijuana seeds smell exactly like green tea once they’re harvested. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a highly social strain that can boost a user’s creativity, energy, and chattiness in a group of people.


As a sativa-dominant hybrid, users can expect energizing and awakening effects from Green Dream marijuana seeds. This strain is best enjoyed during the day when your cognitive function is naturally at its peak. After a few inhales of Green Dream, you may feel extra social, creative, and giggly. This strain is great to share with friends as it can make all of you happier and more cheerful.

• Yield: YUGE! Large, stacked cookie structure.

*(Zkittlez x Purple Punch)

Black Cherry Soda x Cherry Maduro x Mandarin Sunset

Planet of the Grapes Rbx

This cultivar is known for her extremely unique, pungent flavor and heavy sedative Indica high. Rich mandarin orange and skunk terpenes have led this lady to multiple concentrate awards. Medium stretch and great calyx to leaf ratio make Mandarin Sunset easy to grow and will bring good yields of amazing flower for decades to come.

She’s a robust strong plant with good lateral branching and extremely large, fast onset flowers. She likes heavy light and can thrive in and system. Easy to grow for anyone, even the beginner grower.

Cherry Punch x (Cherry Punch x Ethos Cookies #16) x Ethos Cookies #4

Some defoliation in flowering is expected; she’s aggressive and big but still stacked and compact.