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g3 marijuana seeds

Sergio 2020-07-01
Hi, I planted my Royal Gorilla & Wedding Cake seeds all at the same time, separately, in small jiffy-peat pots. It is winter here in my part of Australia – not so cold ( 10’c overnight low – 19’c Daytime Max) and it is mostly sunny – although where I have had my germinating box sitting only gets a few hours direct sun at present. I have kept all the little pots nice and moist – and just to be safe, I opened the two small vents on the top of the germinating box so that in the afternoon, in the direct sunlight, I wasn’t accidentally roasting the seeds to warm. I had some other seeds growing in the box to, tomatoes, eggplant and beans, which I planted on the same day using the same Jiffy-Pots. – It has been about 2 weeks now – And All of the vegetable seeds have begun to sprout – so the conditions of the germinating box must be Ok. But no sign of any sprouting activity with the Royal Gorilla or Wedding Cake. Maybe around a week ago, I made a small DIY planter pot out of newspaper and filled it with seed raising mixture, then planted a CBD Beyond Diesel seed – and I left this sitting uncovered in the same spot. It just sprouted yesterday. So I have moved my other seeds in the jiffy pots inside on my kitchen window ledge where it gets a lot more sun (Maybe should have done this to begin with!) My question: Is it too late now after 2 weeks of seeing nothing? – Or might I get a pleasant surprise now they are sitting a much more sunnier spot. Can it take this long to see a sprout?? I have kept them moist -and- they were planted correctly at about 1cm with the crown up

Cannabis root hairs

zara 2020-06-18
ive had my seeds in water for a couple of days, but still unsure if the glass should be in the dark or in light. can anyone ansa, this is my first attempt

The best method to germinate cannabis seeds

Ando 2019-06-29
Hi,I got some seeds ( med Auto kush hindu ) I put them between 2 cotton pads and watered as per info, also had a g3 speed which sprouted almost immediately but transferred it to a clean cut cola can, wrong way round i might add and in normal compost, I over watered and managed to retrieve the seed which still had some tail left, re-planted it in canna grow dirt but as yet no show. The kush seeds 4 off have shown signs of side cracking but I think my conservatory is to hot and not much is happening, have I ruined it all or can I save them clearly a complete novice but other than the heat in conservatory in which the +G3 speed sprouted so quickly I’m not sure what the problem is, pls help..thanks

Tim 2021-05-21

Cannapot 2020-11-09
I really enjoyed reading this article. Thanks for sharing your amazing photographs.

Seedlings sprouting under fluorescent tubes

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Auto Critical x Gorilla Glue Fem

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