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g13 haze feminized marijuana seeds

We take the G13 legend to an even higher level by crossing it with our favorite Hawaiian Sativa. The resulting plant yields an extraordinary density of flower structure with heavy resin production. G13 Haze grows medium short and compact for a Sativa-dominant strain, and is ideal for SOG and ScrOG gardens. Not only does G13 Haze offer good, healthy yields and a high THC level, the smoke is worth savoring, as well. The intense aromas and flavors of fruit and spice lead to powerful, cerebral effects.

Whether or not these rumors are true, there is no doubt that this is one of the strongest strains available today with very high levels of THC and buds glistening with resin. This hybrid of G13 has been crossed with an original haze to give it a more uplifting high while still retaining the heavy hitting Indica undertones. Bred for maximum potency and renowned for its medical use it’s not for the faint hearted!

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The feminised variety shows many growing characteristics that are typical to sativa.

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As a sativa-dominant strain, G13 Haze contains a high THC to CBD concentration. It also retains some of the best indica qualities, allowing the end product to be smooth and providing a very clear-headed and uplifting effect.

Barney’s Farm G13 Haze is one of the most powerful strains available. It has international appeal and is lauded by cannabis enthusiasts all over the world. It is a mostly sativa hybrid derived from the original G13 cut with the original Haze strain.

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