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If you are a cannabis lover, you will probably know about the wake and.

This involvement with hemp included Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and James Madison who each cultivated hemp plants themselves. However, this wasn’t entirely out of the ordinary, as some Americans were encouraged to grow hemp during the early Republic due to the plants’ bountiful industrial value in constructing clothing and fabrics.

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Though among all these truths surrounding the Founding Fathers and their relationship to hemp, there has been a lot of misinformation.

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Two approaches we could take here. The first is we just stick to the facts. Lotta fun that is. The second is we wave gaily at the facts en route to a more entertaining sociopolitical perspective. This is the Fox News system, and you can see it works for them. Let’s see what we can come up with based on the following:

Dear Cecil: I have heard Thomas Jefferson traded marijuana blends with George Washington and the other founding fathers. I find this hard to believe, but the rumor is ubiquitous. Can anyone verify if it is true or false? I e-mailed the famous Jefferson scholar Clay Jenkins but got no response. However, on his podcast, The Thomas Jefferson Hour, he did admit to donning his Thomas Jefferson impersonation gear and visiting Burning Man. Should I take this as a tacit admission of our third president’s smoking habits? Piddyx

Were they marijuana smokers, though? Let’s continue our review.

Do these guys sound like midnight tokers? No, they sound like farmers. Just shows how clever they were at covering their tracks.