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When weed affects you this way, the terps and their synergetic powers are doing their work. Once they enter your body together with all the cannabinoids, you will experience ‘WALHALLA’. That’s my experience of EXOTICS. What do you think? Come and share your experiences with me on the ASC-forum.

The AmsterdamSeedCenter-Forum is a place where we can talk (anonymously) about everything that is related to our beloved cannabis plant. This is a place where I can also interact with you guys too. The @EsjeHerb column is great, but a two way conversation is even better! Let us expand our knowledge of the mighty herb and all things grow! Come and find me on

Door CoVid-19 kunnen er wat vertragingen optreden in de levering. Uw bestellingen worden nog dagelijks verzonden.

We All Love Exotics!

You will probably recognize names like: Sunset Sherbert, Gelato, Mochi, Gorilla Glue, Guava, Dosidos, WeddingCake, Cookies & Cream, OGKB, Lemon Tree, Roze, Dosidos & Zkittlez. These strains are very popular in the USA but also in the rest of the world nowadays, if you smoked any of these strains from a certified source, you will understand why. But only when it is really certified you will understand, I mention this because this industry is like the Chinese, if a strain is popular and really good, the name is being copied instantly and that’s were the fakes come in. But actually these FAKES destroy the strain-names, because instead of being a real exotic (new) flavor, they just try to cash in on the popular names without even having anything close to these exotics.

Let’s talk Exotics people!

From my experience I can really conclude that there is a difference between ‘common weed’ and more ‘exotic/terpene rich flowers’. Part of it has to do with growing and drying/curing skills, but I’m sure that the genetics that are being used play a BIG part.

So I have a thread on the ASC-forum running right now about EXOTIC CULTIVARS. It is a real HOT TOPIC at the moment so I am going to bring this discussion to my blog this month.

Ive been ordering seeds since they first started selling them in the early 80s.

Some of these are still listed by banks, but are in no way the same as they were in the 80s, and 90s, and most of these are hybrids

YOU/ONE cannot be held responsible for what is sent to you in the mail, regardless if youre name is on the package, or not.

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My other questions is has anyone here actually gotten there beans delivered to them or had them confiscated before??

Chem91 VA
Black Domina
Nevils Haze
Skelly/Puck Hashplant. Nevils genetics
Original Weasel cut Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel IBLSduid Hashplant
Nepali Hashplant
Lebanese Hashplant
4 Way
79 Romulan cut
Willie Nelson/Monkey Paw

I think the only reason for this is because the genetics people have aint strong enough.