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fire og marijuana seeds

You will also enjoy a mix of tantalizing flavors and scents like woody, sugary, and pine. Fire OG is so beautiful that you should consider giving her space in your garden.

The high she induces is a quick, creative, and uplifting sensation that will make you more determined and motivated. Fire OG can help a lot if you need extra energy for a super busy day. With a few tokes, she will let you feel a sudden energy gush that leaves you stimulated and euphoric. It will slowly fade into a strong couchlock sensation that can make you feel hungry and sleepy.

jv420 – October 30, 2020

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Carlos Proctor – December 12, 2020

A Super- Awesome Hybrid

I cultivated this sort of strain, and it gave me a great yield, unexpectedly. It’s solid, lightweight, and cushy. Great smoke. You may need to get some more!! This strain is really fine for u, if you want to start cultivating, this is a fantastic option, but buying this here in CropKing is the better choice!

Tasty with a psychoactive buzz, Fire OG feminized strain is sure to capture your attention. It is an indica-dominant strain that will trigger creativity, motivation, and focus. You need Fire OG if you want an extra push to survive a busy day. It is also one of the most flavorful strains with sugar, spice, and woody flavors to enjoy.

Fire OG fem strain seeds USA are most loved in the clinical cannabis world because of their ability to help patients achieve a better quality of life. Individuals who need rest can use this substantial strain to get a decent night of Z’s. The healing properties found in this strain enable the brain to stop churning and to quiet itself. Testimonials from clinical cannabis patients have revealed their pains and aches disappear after smoking Fire OG fem.

Regardless of which strain you end up choosing, you will never have to worry about your seed’s genetics when you order online from I49.


This crossbreed can cause anybody to feel amazingly high, rapidly. Because it can be exceptionally strong for newbies and veteran users, Fire OG Fem isn’t one to mess around with because its potent buds can leave you with a feeling of dizziness or paranoia. Like most strains, it can also cause some dry eyes and cottonmouth. To avoid having your mouth becoming parched, be sure to drink plenty of water.

With her homegrown pleasantness, this strain brings all the flavor that will adhere to your tongue right away. This indica-prevailing cross breed delivers the heat with an inferno that goes on for some time. You will also taste a gritty flavor that is as impactful as its scent.

Sometimes you will hear Fire OG fem being called Fog or Hellfire OG.