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feminized sativa marijuana seeds

Not convinced yet? Check out the online reviews and read what previous customers think of the seeds and our services. Do you choose Sativa cannabis seeds? Then you enjoy many benefits. Think of high yields and a reduced chance of rot. If you need some advice don’t hesitate to contact us.

Because of their larger size Sativa’s produce larger buds. The yield per harvest is therefore also higher. Because the chance of mold is smaller, the quality is also better. However, this species has a longer flowering time.

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The Sativa cannabis seeds originate from two sides of the world. Namely, in the humid areas of Southeast Asia (Thailand and Indonesia) and the north part of South America (Colombia, Peru and Mexico). Due to the harsh conditions in these areas, sativa’s have developed into a strong species. This makes this species also suitable when you grow for example in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Italy, Ireland, NZ, Switzerland and South Africa.

A sativa Kush or haze has an earthy taste, a floral fragrance and its own unique high that plays mainly in the head and less in the body. The high can be described as energetic and euphoric.

All Sativa’s strains tend to get very tall. In exceptional cases even up to 3 to 6 meters. Therefore, these species are most suitable for outdoor usage and less for indoor. The leaf of the sativa is narrower, thinner and often lighter in color. In addition, the Sativa can be recognized by the fluffy and wispy buds.

Uplifting and cheerful strain that has virtually no burn-out.

Cannabis sativa is a diurnal plant, which means it uses night/day light cycles to induce certain growth responses. When growing sativa 420 seeds indoors, it’s important to remember that there are two phases to the light cycle: vegging and flowering.

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Sativa is primarily making its own niche in the modern marketplace because of its uplifting properties; it can provide energy and focus when a user needs it most. The plants grown from our sativa seeds USA may help users fight pain, mental fog, PTSD, depression, headaches, fatigue, and stress. Depending on the strain you’ve chosen, you may experience relief from multiple conditions. Count on the experts at the i49 Seed Bank to help you choose the right strain at the right time.

No matter what you call them, you’ll find the best selection of sativa seed for sale here at the i49 Seed Bank.