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feminized marijuana seeds fake

October 18 – Plant right before the switch to 12/12

November 15 – Pollen sacs appear to be almost fully formed and are swelling in size, but haven’t opened up yet. Don’t stop spraying colloidal silver or you may end up with empty sacs!

First of all, what are “feminized” marijuana seeds? Feminized seeds are seeds which have been created by breeding two female plants together. Because there are no male parents, all the resulting seeds end up being bud-bearing female plants. With feminized seeds, you know you can always count on every plant to produce buds, and don’t have to worry about removing male plants (which cause lower yields and seedy buds if they’re left among your female plants). Learn more about male vs female cannabis plants.

Read this article for more in-depth discussion about the pros and cons of each method, and how to avoid hermaphrodite plants when producing your own feminized seeds.

3.) Harvest “Feminized” Pollen – When pollen sacs are ready to be harvested they swell like a balloon and start to open up. Make sure not to harvest early and also make sure to keep spraying the bud sites daily until this point or you might end up with empty pollen sacs! When the pollen sacs are ready, the leaf section protecting the pollen will start to crack. At this point, it’s time to collect the feminized pollen. One of the easiest ways to do this is to collect the pollen sacs directly and let them dry for a week. At that point, they can be placed in a bag and shaken to easily collect all the pollen.

For each possible “mother,” clones should be grown in several different environments and tested thoroughly to make sure that the mother plant does not have any tendency to make pollen naturally in normal or stressful conditions. It’s okay if plants grow pollen sacs if induced chemically since that is very unlikely to happen in someone’s garden on accident, but you don’t want plants that will start growing male parts on their own without chemical induction. Thorough testing of plant hardiness is always important when breeding, but it may be especially important when breeding feminized seeds together.

As of yet I haven’t seen any of these claims backed by actual personal experience, or any real-life examples showing why using feminized seeds is not a viable way to breed new strains.

The second tip that we want to suggest to you to buy hemp seeds safely online involves a small investigation. Nothing complicated, don’t worry. Indeed, your intuition and your eye will be the essential tools.

A site on which you can safely make your purchases is SensorySeeds, our online portal regarding the best quality hemp seeds!


There are also specific websites for reviews (such as Trustpilot) that specialize in this task and provide you with a somewhat reliable tool for assessing the safety of the e-commerce in which you would like to purchase cannabis seeds.

The first thing to do to understand if you are facing a fake or fraudulent e-commerce website is to check the domain itself. The address of the site you are browsing on appears in the browser’s address search bar. It is the first sign of a possible trap.

Others, like MyWOT instead, have the same type of function and report any problems with a colour code on the side of the navigation bar (using the colours of the traffic lights).

Another growing concern, which is less talked about but nonetheless still worrying for consumers, is the proliferation of ‘fake’ cannabis seeds. By this I don’t mean people passing off the seeds of another plant as cannabis – although I’m sure that probably happens as well – but rather people advertising, say, Grand Daddy Purps seeds, and actually selling you bulk bought Dutch seeds of an entirely different (and inferior) variety.

The simplest way to ensure that you’re not going to get ripped off is to buy from a source you know you can trust. Obviously, if you’ve bought seeds before, this should be pretty simple. But if you haven’t, there are plenty of steps you can take to make sure you pick the right supplier. Firstly, ask around. Chances are if you’re a cannabis consumer/grower you’ll know other growers, who’ll not only be an invaluable source of guidance through the growing process, but will also be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to getting started and purchasing your first seeds.

Buy from a reputable dealer

The growing societal acceptance of cannabis, and the subsequent exponential growth of cannabis markets worldwide, have inevitably led to a large number of unscrupulous people trying to cash in while they can, often in highly unethical (and sometimes downright criminal) ways. There are a huge number of ‘CBD products’ on the market now, for example, which often make grand claims about their ability to cure diseases, but have worryingly often been found to contain no cannabinoids of any kind.

This then is our guide to making sure the seeds you buy are the genuine article, which with a bit of luck should keep you from getting conned out of your hard-earned cash.

If you don’t have any cannabis-growing friends, there’s one friend that almost everyone has access to these days – Google. Dodgy sites are unlikely to be rank highly on any search engine, so if you stick to the top few results you’re unlikely to go far wrong.