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The original Haze lines from 1970s, Santa Cruz, CA Haze Brothers started the Haze family of strains that today includes Blue Dream, Super Silver Haze, Super Lemon Haze, and Jack Herer.

For the 50th anniversary of 420, we at Leafly produced five expertly reported strain family genealogies that capture most of the top 50 popular cannabis varieties on shelves today. Celebrate the iconic stoner holiday by picking up a legendary strain and learning how it was created by some of the craftiest growers in the cannabis industry.

What is a marijuana strain family?

There’s no international body arbitrating strain claims. It’s a free-for-all, and weed genealogists need to be private detectives.

The first Tangie in the 2000s near Yosemite, CA strain led to an entire Tangie family with Sour Tangie, Clementine, Mimosa, Forbidden Fruit, and Squirt.

Every strain you smoke started in the imagination of some loving, slightly obsessed breeder. Like “Ooooh, I want to take the citrus in Tangie and add the dank of Cherry Pie.”

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Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS) comes under the list of top Canadian online seed banks due to first-class work for over 15 years. Quebec Cannabis Seeds has been creating great new varieties to offer higher-quality cannabis, different strains, and more choice.

#15 (US Seed Bank) Ethos Genetics – Largest US Cannabis Breeder

It offers discounts on big orders as well as provides free Cannabis seeds with every purchase and bonus pot seeds for every 20 Euros you spend. Herbies has just two payment methods so in this way it looks less attractive for international growers.

They also possess the most outstanding and outstanding genetic resources in America. Their seed library is so rich that even beginners can find cannabis strains that match their experience and technique. It is also one of the goals that Humboldt Seeds set, to create a thriving and environmentally conscious cannabis community.

I have used GYO a few times and never had any issues.

Seedsman is one of our highly recommended sellers!

This elite strain was among the first to be released by Crockett Family Farms, and what a strain it is: Crockett’s test grows conducted in their legal environment showed strong, vigorous plants that yield large harvest of extremely resinous flowers. Flavours are fruity; grape and apricot backed with dank, earthy notes.

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