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family finds marijuana seeds in altoids tin

Plants are Medicine

(The price of alcohol went up ten-fold when it became illegal under Prohibition, and the quality decreased substantially.)

During Prohibition, legal Cannabis was not a problem, but the new laws against alcohol were a big problem, just like today with pot prohibition.

Local regulations on the sale of Cannabis sativa as a drug began as early as 1860 . Increased restrictions and labeling of Cannabis as a poison or drug began in many states from 1906 onward, and outright state prohibitions began in the 1920s. By 1936, Cannabis was regulated as a drug in every state and banned entirely in 29, with 35 states adopting the Uniform State Narcotic Drug Act.

During the Great Depression, the Hearst newspaper empire fanned concern over marijuana with wild stories of Mexicans smoking weed and raping white women, which helped fuel a change in negative national attitudes and sell more papers. The Federal Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 basically made Cannabis illegal through a Catch-22 tax law, and the first rural farmer convicted of growing pot without the requisite tax stamp was sentenced to two years in federal prison, where he died. Studies in the 1940s showing that Cannabis might cure cancer were reportedly buried and squashed.

Even though Nixon’s own Commission on Drugs recommended he decriminalize Cannabis, Nixon instead pushed the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 through Congress which made the green Cannabis plant into a Felony Schedule I Drug, comparable to heroin! Talk about overkill through repression. The government lied about its medicinal properties, which are numerous, and its toxicity, which is zero. Cannabis is the most popular illegal plant in American history, and as a substance it is second only to the Prohibition of alcohol. It is so hugely popular and truly medicinal that cannabis is no longer illegal in 20 US states. Nonetheless, Federal law currently carries a mandatory minimum of five years in prison for growing over 99 plants, even in the Freed-Weed states.

Many other countries have stopped prosecuting or made small amounts of Cannabis legal, notably Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay, and more.

Uruguay Re-Legalizes all Cannabis use beginning in 2014!

please Help put the deadly Mexican Drug Cartels out of the plant business.
Just Say NO to violent Cartel blood weed! Take America back from the Cartels. Grow & Buy Peace Pot !
Please Plant Peace Pot: Grow organic Cannabis in your American backyard, and garage, and closet.

Part III; DMT,
The God Molecule .
Ayahuasca and Jurema:
Doorway to the Spirit World

I soon became extremely cold, even though the fall day was pleasantly warm enough to allow two other participants to strip naked and still be comfortable. Each of us had a very unique experience. My companion at the time moved into her unresolved emotional wounding with her parents and was soon given time with don Juan to process the uncomfortable emotions that came up. Another had messy diarrhea and constantly repeated, “I feel terrrrrrrrrrrrrible!” for most of the day. Picasso began talking in Spanish and Italian to the various Spirits and conversed for hours on end, to the point of being a minor distraction to my own Journey.

$1,000,000,000,000 : Annual worldwide sales of Pharmaceutical Drugs.
$350,000,000,000 : Annual worldwide sales of all Tobacco products.
$190,000,000,000 : Annual amount spent by Americans for Alcohol.
$100,000,000,000+: Annual amount (est.) spent by Americans for Cannabis.
$95,000,000,000: Total Annually spent on the lost USA “War on Drugs.”
$ 40,000,000,000 : Annual US costs to imprison non-violent “Drug” offenders.
$ 15,000,000,000 + Annual income of American farmers by growing Cannabis.
$14,000,000,000: Annual US money wasted on arrests for plant possession.
$48,000: Average Annual US Medium Household Income.

Why does government persecute safe plants at all? Threat vs. budget is an off-the-charts mismatch! The government thinks that an omnipotent God made a mistake by creating numerous mind-altering plants? Really ? And GMO scientists can do better than God? Really?

X-Ray scanner image

This is the main point. If you manage to place an item in your bag so that the edge of say, a knife, is “up” when it goes through the scanner, then it will show up as only a line. If that stack of cd’s had been knife blades, there would only be a bunch of blue lines down there on the screen. That might (probably will) prompt a re-check, but usually, one will not.

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Visualize how things will look on the screen when you pack your illegal item in the bag, and place it to create the least amount of visible signature on the screen – you have to make it be a stealth fighter.

This article for informational, novelty and educational purposes only. Do not attempt.

Your carry-on will pass through an x-ray scanner on your way through the security checkpoint. This is your obstacle. So how do we beat something that can see through fabric, plastic, rubber, whatever your luggage is made of? If something is placed inside the bag, like a metal plate, to block the image, that will trigger a manual check of your bag, almost certainly blowing your scheme wide open. X-ray operators have, on average, only five seconds to clear a bag when it passes through the scanner and pops onto his or her screen. This is something that we can take advantage of when trying to pass the checkpoint with something illegal in the bag or briefcase.

You can get a permit from a state that has “reciprocity” (works for other states). Per You can get a permit that is valid in South Dakota in many states. Utah, North Dakota, Florida, and Tennessee “include non-resident permits”. I got mine in Utah (being a resident) and it is valid in quite a few other states.

I would avoid anything that is too ‘flashy’. Things like, military backpacks/gear, backpacks w/ a solar panel, overly large and stuffed backpacks, excess gear; they all make you a target. Someone is starving and they see you passing by with a backpack stuffed full. They might just shoot you in the head before you even know they are there. IMO, one should aim to obscure their gear and skills in a “bug-out” situation. Skills are much more important than gear. One might come up with several “bug-out” locations and pre-store gear in those spots. Then have a “bug-out” bag that just makes you look like the average struggling Joe. If someone thinks you have something, they will want it, when someone wants something of yours and they know there will not be repercussions for their actions, they will get violent.

[…] seen website after website that says you need to include a lightweight durable tent in your Bug-Out-Bag. […]

Self Defense

Markus, Great Comments! Totally agree, the same can be said for most Chemical/Bio threats–Unless you can fit a true positive pressure isolation room and full bio suit and the stuff to clean it and repair and extra filters into a BOB, do not wast the space and weight for any thing other than a N95 or N100 filter. I am WAAAAY more worried about the bugs that folks are coughing around than any type of NBC attack.

I have 2 makeshift water bladders, made of box wine liner. Cut one corner, clean it out and you have a good size water bladed, with a button release. (Makeshift Shower) or simply storage.

That’s awesome, Trent! You’re miles ahead of a LOT of people when it comes to being prepared for an emergency. Nice work.

One last thing- I bring a flask of vodka. If I sustain an injury, vodka can act as an antiseptic and pain killer. I like Sudoku and a book of that with a pencil with eraser (not a pen) is a good source of entertainment and short-term commitment centering. When I bug out, it is not for a few days, but a lifestyle.