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exotic marijuana seeds los angeles ca

“We’re really into the genetics and what’s new out there and getting them out there to the people,” he said.

Around San Francisco, new store SF Elevated carries Purple City Genetics and Equilibrium. On Mission Street, Mission Organic Center carries seeds from Medicine Man including Tropical Zittles (Purple Punch x Zkittlez).

Best San Francisco cannabis seed and clone stores

While lovers popped bottles of champagne, Humboldt County growers prayed over and germinated their 2020 cannabis seeds, said Brian Smith, buyer and inventory manager at Satori Wellness, a licensed cannabis retailer in McKinleyville, Humboldt County, California; population, 15,177.

Harborside in Oakland remains the go-to choice for clones from Dark Heart Nursery. But you can look for Dark Heart clones all around the Bay, like in Pacifica’s Lytt, SPARC Santa Rosa, 7 Stars Richmond, or Airfield Supply Co. in San Jose.

Below, we direct first-timers and veterans alike to the best California cannabis stores that sell seeds and clones.

We’ve saved the best looking cannabis strains for last, and that’s from Los Angeles cannabis breeders Jungle Boys. Their instagram page has the most followers among any other marijuana breeders on our list with an impressive 875,000 followers. Their cannabis strains also look the most dank among the rest, but of course by a slim margin. These cannabis breeders have been around since 2006.

First on our list of the best cannabis breeders from around the world begins with Mephisto Genetics. Cannabis strains from this breeder are used in the famous Raw Garden cartridges, which won the prestigious cannabis cup award last year. These marijuana breeders produce autoflower strains. We encourage taking a look at their instagram page which highlights what their marijuana seeds can grow into.

We are frequently expanding our marijauna seed inventory with all of the best breeders. Follow our instagram page for announcements on new cannabis seeds for sale.

Jungle Boys

These are just some of many great marijuana breeders. We will be updating our list of cannabis breeders, and welcome any suggestions in the comments. Use our guide to find the best marijuana seeds money can buy. We are living in the time of the best cannabis strains and genetics. We are frequently adding the best marijuana seeds to our seed bank. It’s quite fascinating to see the top shelf cannabis from around the globe. Experience cannabis from the other side of the world with your own grow.

This is a cannabis breeder that has not been around for long, but they have already made a name for themselves with premium cannabis. Their Instagram has accumulated 136.9k followers. Browse their instagram account, and find exotic cannabis strains that look extraordinary. Their Banana Punch for instance looks like it was grown on another planet with dark purple and chunky nugs. They are more known for creating the cannabis strain Mimosa. Unfortunately, our seed bank does not have any cannabis strains from this breeder yet.

We are first going to start off with marijuana breeders from California. Although there are many talented cannabis breeders from around the world, the state of California is notorious for premium buds. I remember when I moved from California to Texas because of the cheaper cost of living. I soon regretted it because of the mucher higher price for cannabis and significant downgrade in quality. Although we may mention a cannabis breeder well worth mentioning, there’s a chance we do not have seeds from them.

We want to encourage our readers to check out Bodhi Seeds instagram, and take a look at chunky nuggs grown by various growers. Their bud is nothing less than impressive looking, and we have their marijuana seeds for sale. The density of these nugs can be easily seen with many different strains on their Instagram. Find authentic Bodhi Seeds in our 420 seed bank. Many cannabis cultivators have shared their pictures of plants grown using these seeds.


Well I wouldn’t use nivana beware I sucked into buying seeds there and there crazy! First order came and was surprised so after my autos can I planted 4 seeds out of 15 and they germed so I went and ordered more they got seized so I told them what happened and they offered to send them again but I payed for 15 and sent me 10 so I wasn’t happy. After going threw my seeds only 2 out of every auto germed that’s a sad number when your spending 10 bucks a seed to get only half a oz a plant or less growing a big 10 to 15 inch plants and I’ve been growing since the 80s if you think you going to get this large amount of weed they claim your oing to need to plant 5 plants at a time one or two won’t do it.They also don’t give free seeds they think they seeds are gold! Also there mail method is shit pc prints address and looks suspicious in a letter and when it gets opened cardboard with a big sign on it saying Amsterdam see why my seeds to seized now? Now bomb seeds there seeds have a 99% germ rate and you get 3 to 7 free seeds more you spend more free ones out get and mailed so good I’d call it 100% to your door in the USA way to go bomb! Gorilla seeds also fast shipping like bomb 3 to 7 day more you spend faster you gethem. They don’t hide the seeds in the mail if you open it you will see them but the packages dot look suspicious though and I oder 15 I get 21 seeds and both will resend seeds but it won’t happen because both there mailing is full proof and being in the UK USA don’t worry about checking there mail because they declare something in it. Nirvana open season because the in Amsterdam they mail it cheap as they can and I was getting my seeds from UK in one weeks version 3 weeks.So trust me when I say if you want slow reckless mail poor seeds and less seeds then what you ordered after being seized and no free seeds nivana is the site for you one star and that’s being nice because customer service being nice is a lie they called stupid when my seeds were took need to fire AJ

#5 (Maine Seed Bank) 207 Genetics & Seeds – Official resellers of dozen top-notch breeders

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They do not have many promotions but in return, the delivery time in the US is quite fast only about 3-7 days. This seed bank is considered by many states in the US as one of the great online seed banks for Americans.