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euphoria marijuana seed

Euphoria feminized was initially developed in 1996. It originates from a fine selection of Skunk parents and has a very heavy bloom making it popular amongst commercial growers. When smoking this bud from your joint or bong, expect the famous Skunk “high”, but with a more sour vs sweet taste, that you get with other Skunk selections.

The name Euphoria was chosen for this strain to provide obvious insights into the plant’s effects. When smoked, it gives a clear-headed and happy buzz, yet it’s also very calming — making it well-rounded. Pull a couple more times from your joint and you’ll start to feel the sedative side, leaving you nicely buzzed. Medically, the effects can be good for someone with social anxiety, or who has depression and wants some uplifting and positive energy to run through them.

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Euphoria seeds give a superb mix of classic skunk is clear in the aroma once that plant’s harvested and cured. Yet, there are also sharp citrus and sour notes that cut through the buds. And with a long, patient cure in glass, the sharpness turns more sweet and tasty.

You can grow this plant indoors or out, it will do well in both environments. When growing outside, the harvest will occur around the end of September. It can take about two weeks for seedling, three to four weeks for vegetation, and then a short flowering cycle of 8 to 10 weeks. Also, during the flowering stage, the smell isn’t overly pungent, the way other Skunk strains can get. So, that can help you maintain a low profile. Once you’re ready to harvest your plants, anticipate getting great yields of 400 to 500 grams per M2. Lastly, a good cure for a month or more will ensure that the sweeter tones will be more prominent.

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Patients with depression and mood disorders can do well with this happy sativa-dominant hybrid in their corner. Say goodbye to negative thinking and bad moods, and hello to social chattiness and an uplifted spirit with Euforia marijuana seeds.

But enough about the awards, what can this strain actually do for users? We’re so glad you asked! Based on the name alone, consumers can expect a wave of happiness, euphoria, and glee to drift over them. The effects come on relatively quickly and are powerful enough to turn a bad day into a good one. Euforia Auto is typically recommended for patients with depression, anxiety, and mood disorders.


With a name like Euforia Autoflowering, you better expect happy vibes to come from this sativa-dominant hybrid. If it’s happiness you’re after, look no further than Euforia marijuana seeds. This strain became a 2nd place winner in the Sativa category of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2000 and the Best Seeds High Life Cup in 2002. This hybrid was created in 2000 and only took two years to capture the world’s attention.

The first wave of Euforia Auto makes smokers feel cheerful, vibrant, and positive. This sativa-dominant hybrid fills the head with positive-thinking and can alleviate symptoms of depression. It can make users feel more social and chatty. The final stages of Euforia Auto feel more like an indica — deeply relaxing, chill, and mellow. Are you ready to buy Euforia Auto marijuana seeds?