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Since the early days, the farmers Massive have incorporated cultivars bred in and for the bioregion—like the fruit-scented, modern-genetics backbone that is DJ Short’s Blueberry ; bred in a closet in Eugene back in the late 1970s. Carrying the torch into the present day, Massive Seeds was established in 2010 within the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, and now contributes to the state’s adult-use market by way of the recreational iteration of the family farm, presently dubbed Roganja .

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Massive Seeds

Crosses like the Rogue Blue Cheese and Jager OG are created once a year in full sun, as has been Massive’s tradition for decades. The resulting seed lines are an excellent choice for the backyard enthusiast grower, offering a pedigree of full-flavor cultivars bred to resist local pests, as well as survive the inevitable tests of foul weather, while still rivaling the bag appeal of indoor.

Before Odie Diesel created Oregon Diesel through a happenstance pollination of NYC Diesel by a hermaphroditic Blackberry , the patriarch of multi-generational, father-and-sons medical grow and breeding operation Homegrown Natural Wonders made seeds only sometimes and mostly to keep his garden going.

Exotic aromatics like Compound’s Purple Apricot —a delicious citrus treat—have been making their way to Oregon dispensaries in flower form over the last year, and from what we’ve seen, we’d be proud to run Compound’s gear in our tents.

If you have ever heard the name, Steve Prefontaine, you will know that Eugene, Oregon is the mecca of track and field. His legendary running ability helped forge the intense passion for track and field that helped earn itself the nickname of “Track and Field capital of the world”. It’s no surprise then, that Eugene boasts the largest walking/running trails through their expansive park network in the entire USA. Bringing your home-grown stash with you for a nice nature walk through Pre’s trail, Delta Pond’s trail or the Spencer Butte trail allows one to enjoy the beauty of Eugene while reveling in the euphoria of your stone. After your glorious stroll, don’t forget to head over to Hendricks Park to check out the amazing rhododendron garden and the Prefontaine memorial known as Pre’s rock; but nothing beats sitting at the lower trails of the river at Skinner Butte’s park that is noted for its scenery and privacy.

Maybe it was game day and you needed to bring that energy for your Oregon Ducks. But now you need some of your stash from the tropicana cookies seeds, because it brings you that elevated mood from this sativa dominant hybrid that’s helping with the nausea of the “day after game day”.

Why choose I49 Seed Bank?

After a long day of biking the West Eugene Wetlands and you need somewhere to rest those weary legs, plop down on the couch with the Indica dominant hybrid Purple punch seeds. It will give you the euphoria you are after while leading into that all-night relaxation.

When you are limited to four plants per residence, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Male plants provide the pollen needed to fertilize the female plants but that’s basically where their ultimate value comes from. Male plants do not yield as many of the savory, sticky buds that are overflowing with cannabinoids. These come from the female plants. Through a conditioning process, feminized seeds are able to produce the pollen needed for fertilization and can get the entire job done all by themselves. No need for a pesky male plant taking up valuable space and not pulling their weight. When you want to get some outdoor feminized seeds usa go to a reputable online cannabis seed bank like I49.

If it’s been a long and grueling senior year at the University of Oregon and you just need some relief from the inflammation in your body, why not cozy up to some do si dos seeds and let the cotton candy aroma kick off the uplifting and cerebral buzz.