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epik purple marijuana seeds for sale

By using pruning and moulding methods throughout its vegetative development, we can obtain a beautiful shrub which can be ideal for SCROG cultivation, and will be filled with buds colas.

It is a cross between OGKB (Girl Scout Cookies hybrid) and a selected “EPIK” Strawberry Cookies clone (Epik Cookiez x Platinum Strawberry Kush). presents Haute Genetique V Kush, an extremely aromatic and powerful regular marijuana variety.

V Kush, powerful OGKB x Strawberry Cookies hybrid

It is ready to harvest after about 65-69 days of flowering, offering a buds yield of about 450g per m2, flowers with reddish tones and swollen calyxes fully loaded with resin.

It offers a really particular aroma, a mixture of pastry and wild strawberries nuances with earthy and exotic touches. Live Resin extractions are impressive, enhanced by using a vaporiser for concentrates or an e-nail.

V Kush produces slender plants with a robust and vigorous development that acquire a quite branchy pyramidal appearance .

V Kush produces a powerful long-lasting effect, relaxing body and mind quickly while melting your mind and filling you with a psychedelic well-being feeling.

The harvest is ready after about 63 days of flowering, offering a yield of about 450g per m2 cultivated indoors and a yield of up to 600g per plant outdoors in open ground.

This variety produces plants with a hybrid Cookies appearance, with a pyramidal structure developing many secondary branches around a strong main tip.

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Haute Genetique Raspberry Cookies, a regular variety created to obtain an extra sweet purple Cookies.

Raspberry Cookies, Epik Cookies x Pink Champagne hybrid

It produces very appetizing tight flowers, both because of its huge trichomes production and the colourful contrast by its purple tones and the intensely orange pistil hairs.

Raspberry Cookies is quite robust and easy to cultivate. It adapts well to indoor and outdoor cultivation, offering great results.

Raspberry Cookies produces a very sweet intense aroma, blending pastry nuances and fruity touches like a sweet. These aromas and flavours are extremely delicious using a cannabis vaporiser.

This morphology and vigour make it ideal for pruning and moulding like the topping, adapting very well to SCROG cultivation.