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ebay marijuana bud stem and seed separator

Sieving resin glands

This type of trichomes is much more abundant than bulbous ones. Their diameter is around 25-100 microns. When the plant is not ripe it may seem that these trichomes have no stalk (it only has the height of a cell). The secretory gland is often formed by 8-16 cells.

Most systems on the market developed to separate resin glands, as the popular Pollinator, have a 150-160 micron mesh to separate the resin glands – which pass through the mesh – from the plant material. But, according to the theory that we have just seen, there are lots of particles that also pass through the screen and that we don’t want to be part of our hash. Therefore, we must use different screens with different sizes to continue separating the different qualities – particles – of our raw resin. Normally, the best quality – where we find the higher proportion of trichome heads – is larger than 70 microns and smaller than 120.

Terpene range in marijuana

We have seen the different types of trichomes, their dimensions and main features. Before trying to make the best possible hash (whithin our means) we should have a couple of things clear. If we are growers, we already know that every genotype is a universe, in the same way than every phenotype is a small world. If we work with clones our results will always be more homogeneous and uniform; besides it, we will know the exact micron size that we have to use in case that plants are grown indoors or outdoors, etc.

So, if we want the best possible quality, filtering “downwards” with a 160 micron mesh is not enough. We should also perform a second sieve to get rid of those particles smaller than certain size. In most cases, we can get excellent results by using a set of three screens: 160, 70 and 45 microns. The first thing to do is getting our raw resin with our 160 micron mesh. Put the raw resin on a 160 micron mesh and gently card it to separate the heads from the stalks. Once done, put the filtered resin on a 70 micron mesh to separate the smaller particles. We have now 2 qualities: the former is composed of particles from 70 to 160 microns (first quality), the latter from particles smaller than 70 microns (second quality). We can clean this second quality by putting it on a 45 micron mesh and carding it, thus separating the smaller particles – which will pass through the mesh – from the larger ones. All particles that passed through the 45 micron mesh are our third quality.

Pressed and unpressed resin

Another important subject is the Terpene Range. Ripe cannabis plants segregate around 103 mono and sesquiterpenes along with other substances. Most of these terpenes are aromatic, so they have direct influence on the taste and smell of our buds and, therefore, of our hash.

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