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easiest marijuana seeds to grow

If you’re just setting foot on your cannabis growing journey, starting off with easy genetics will really help you along the way. You’ll still need to take good care of your plants, but hardy, beginner-friendly strains are much more forgiving and easier to cultivate.

Before dropping a seed into some soil, we recommend giving some thought to what kind of strain you want to grow. Consider how much space you have available, how much money you’re willing to spend, what kind of high and flavours you enjoy when you smoke, and your local weather patterns and climate.

Special Queen 1

Beginner growers often don’t want to invest large amounts of money into a new hobby. If this applies to you, we advise purchasing cheaper seeds. This means less pressure to produce a perfect outcome, making for a more pleasant and casual growing experience. Oh, and “cheap seeds” doesn’t equate to bad genetics. Many cheaper varieties offer superb yields of high-quality flowers.

Explore our strain selection categories below to find the best easy strains to suit your preferences.

Clocking in at €4.50 for a single seed, Special Queen 1 offers a fantastic return on investment. She descends from a mix of genetics from Mexico, Colombia, and beyond, and provides a long-lasting high that targets the body and the mind. With a THC content of 18% and an average yield of 550g/m², Special Queen offers substantial bang for your buck.

An Afghani strain mixed with some heavy hitter of Thai, Northern Lights is another classic strain that’s also uncomplicated to grow. Known for its euphoric effects, followed by a “two-hit and quit” heavy body high. This is another favorite of medical patients, insomniacs, or anyone who likes sinking into their mattress.

B ack in the day, weed was called weed for a reason: it grows everywhere. In the wild, feral cannabis is a hardy plant that spreads its branches equally well whether it’s in the mountainous, wind-blasted Tibetan plateau, the tropical, volcanic soils of Hawaii, or in a ditch anywhere that’s sometimes warm and rains on occasion.

Like Blue Dream, Cinderella 99 has a natural resistance to mildew, root rot, and other pests that makes it great for growers riding that learning curve. Despite being a euphoric sativa that’s also great for migraines, the plant grows squat like an indica. It’s another fast-flowering strain, reaching maturity in as little as 45 days.

Cinderella 99

If you’re looking to grow a cannabis plant for the first time, PotGuide is here with the easiest marijuana strains for first-timers to grow.

Growing your own cannabis plant is a fun way to enjoy free weed and learn a little more about your favorite plant. The best way to start is to pick a strain that can deal with any beginner mistakes while still rewarding your efforts with some fresh buds. Pick any of these strains, gather your supplies, and start growing a new, cool friend.

Cannabis can be finicky the more specialized you’re trying to make it. That’s why auto-flowering strains are the best place to start.

They’re also good to grow outdoors as long as temperatures don’t fall below freezing, which frees you from worrying about the exact season. Indoors, autoflowers will bloom after 75 days give or take. Outdoors it’s closer to 100.