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Jack Herer thrives in warm and sunny climates and grows up to 70 inches (175 cm), ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation. This Cannabis Cup Winner is a favorite among cannabis growers because it is easy to look after and produces high yields. Jack Herer feminized seeds for sale are available on our website.

Feminized seeds are vital in the cannabis industry as they help growers cultivate female plants only, eliminating the tedious process of cross-pollination. Furthermore, having male plants in the field could ruin an entire harvest when the male plants pollinate young female plants’ flowers. And when that happens, the entire crop will be full of flowers containing seeds.

Northern Lights is an Indica dominant cannabis strain that is popular among users because of its relaxing high. Northern Lights feminized seeds give plants that are pure Indica. The strain was created by crossing Thai and Afghani Landrace. These feminized marijuana seeds are popular among cannabis growers as they give rise to a compact plant with dense and solid buds, hence high yields. The plant provides maximum yields when grown in the warm, Mediterranean climate and has a short flowering period of 49 – 63 days.

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Wedding Cake is a photoperiod strain whose flowering phase lasts about 65 days. Thanks to its Indica genetics, it grows up to a height of 30 to 60 inches (80 -150 cm), making it ideal for both indoors and outdoors. This potent strain is a favorite among growers, as it has a THC content ranging between 17 – 23 % and pretty high yields. You can get Wedding Cake feminized seeds for sale on our

Chances are, you will be overwhelmed with the numerous feminized marijuana seeds available in the market. But don’t panic, because we have compiled a list of the best feminized seeds for indoor and outdoor environments.

Feminized weed seeds are developed by utilizing several techniques. You can opt to stress your female cannabis plant by interrupting its light cycle during the flowering phase. This process is referred to as rodelization and involves forcing your female plants to remain in the flowering stage for so long that the plant self-pollinates. Then use the pollen from this plant to pollinate other female plants and voila you have feminized seeds. However, this method is not always successful.

You should definitely choose to plant these Gelato feminized cannabis seeds either for personal or commercial purposes. Why? Because the plants are robust, giving you a bountiful harvest, and its bud offers a potent high THC and pleasant smoke.

Forbidden Fruit marijuana can also address neuropathic pain. This is also pain which results from damage in the nervous system. Shingles is a type of illness caused by damage to the nervous system done by the chickenpox virus. Medical marijuana can help address the sharp and burning pain caused by small lesions that occur due to the virus which is dormant in most people. Other types of neuropathic pain which may respond to treatment with medical marijuana include diabetic polyneuropathy pain, fibromyalgia, and CFS pain.

Forbidden Fruit is a flavorful variety of marijuana which can be used for medical purposes. It is a cross between the flavor-packed Cherry Pie and the citrusy Tangie. This variety was bred by the Dutch growers at the Marijuana Seeds company to create a gourmet, tropical delight.

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Indoors, you want to also mimic a dry, Mediterranean, sunny climate. You may set your five-gallon buckets up in a grow tent, lined with reflective material to keep in the light from your High Discharge lamps. Use rich organic soil and Flower Power fertilizer with added nutrients. Use a fan and exhaust to keep the air moving and dry. Keep your soil moist. Your plants will flower after seven to nine weeks. Harvest and hang your buds to dry. You can get a yield of about fifteen ounces per meter squared.

Growing weed from Forbidden Fruit cannabis seeds and cuttings is rated as being a fairly easy undertaking. If you want to grow this delicious strain, first find a seed vendor or obtain a cutting. Seeds for this variety are said to be auto-flowering, they will, therefore, flower automatically after seven to nine weeks. Outdoors, you can plant the seeds in an area which has rich, organic soil, add some Flower Power fertilizers and nutrients, and keep the soil moist. Make sure the area gets plenty of suns and the air is dry. You may want to plant in a secluded area to avoid unwanted attention because your plants will have a very strong and delicious fragrance. After seven to nine weeks, in the month of October, your plants will flower. Harvest your plants and hang your buds to dry. Make good use of the rest of the plant. There are thousands of uses. You can expect a harvest of fifteen ounces per plant for the outdoor grower.

The Forbidden Fruit plants are of medium height. The dried nuggets are the stickiest of the icky. They resemble Fruity Pebbles cereal with yellow, light green, green, purple, blue, and white leaves, buds, trichomes, and resins. All of that sticky are the trichomes, resins, and terpenes that give the weed its fragrance and flavor. It can be described as fruity, spice, pineapple, mango, citrus, earthy, oak, floral, and nutty. The aromas have a complex and arousing interplay of scents and effects.

Cancer is one of the early diseases which was recognized to benefit from treatment with medical marijuana. During the course of radiation treatment and chemotherapy treatment, many cancer patients lose their appetite and lose weight, putting them at greater risk of not surviving. They may also experience depression and anxiety. Medical marijuana can relieve those symptoms, give them an appetite, and fight nausea and insomnia.