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dutch marijuana seed bank

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Before choosing your type, take a look at this information about Marijuana Seeds and Cannabis Seeds. Amsterdam Seed Supply has the best Feminized, Autoflowering and Medical Marijuana seeds available in Amsterdam. Each marijuana seed has their own specifications and are grown for different purposes. Please read the specifications of each seed before placing your order at Amsterdam Seed Supply and start growing.

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Amsterdam Seed Supply has experience with the best marijuana seeds available. Below is a selection of some of our favourite cannabis seeds and books.

Today, DNA Genetics is one of the biggest corporations in the world cannabis seeds market and has trade agreements with several countries. Thus, the first gram of legal marijuana sold in a dispensary in Canada belonged to DNA Genetics.

Another one of the Holland best seed banks with more tradition is Serious Seeds. Its creator, Simon, founded the bank in 1994, after gaining much experience in collecting Cannabis seed genetics from around the world. It was one of his trips to South Africa, when he started to feel a real interest in the Cannabis plant.

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Dutch Passion is one of the oldest seed banks in the Netherlands. This institution was founded in 1987 in the city of Amsterdam. Its creator, Henk van Dalen collected and cultivated Cannabis seeds from all over the world for decades. As a result of this research, he was able to create a reserve of top quality international seeds from all over the world: the foundation of Dutch Passion.

Serious Seeds

TH Seeds is another of the best Dutch seed banks ever. It is a bank with tradition, which opened its doors in 1993. Behind the project are Adam and Doug, two Cannabis enthusiasts who have built an excellent reputation by breeding the best quality Cannabis seeds for decades, with all the quality expected from the best Dutch seed banks.

It is difficult to choose only 2 Sensi strains to highlight here, however, the Skunk #1 strain is a product of combining and selecting the best Skunk hybrids in the world. Also worth mentioning is her Jack Herer, one of the first seeds to be 50% balanced between Indica and Sativa.

On his return home Roskam applied the knowledge he had gained in Thailand and began working with the first Sativa genetics grown in the Netherlands. Over the lasts decades Green House and Roskam have become very well known, in part because of the Strain Hunters documentary series in which he and the sadly deceased Franco Loja travelled the world in search of the best Cannabis seeds.

The Dutch seed banks are responsible for some of the most popular Cannabis strains. This is partly due to the fact that personal Cannabis use is allowed in the Netherlands. But it is also due to their long tradition, as most of them were established decades ago. In today’s article we will show you the best dutch cannabis seed banks. This list has been done by analysing the history and the strains of the dutch seedbanks.

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And that’s not the only significant way the Netherlands changed the world of cannabis.

Not long after Skunkman came Nevil Schoenmakers, who was born in Australia to Dutch parents and moved to the Netherlands in 1976, largely to take part in the city’s cannabis revolution.

A Rather Sizable Loophole

But Danko credits David “Sam the Skunkman” Watson, an American ex-pat, with setting up the country’s first proper cannabis seed bank. The Skunkman also earned a spot in Leafly’s list of five cannabis breeders who changed the game:

To prove that the authorities were totally ignorant regarding cannabis and thus the total illegitimacy of prohibition against it, the Provos created “Marihuettegame,” which consisted of sending police on a series of wild goose chases by calling in anonymous tips on cannabis dealers and hashish parties that didn’t exist. The Provos also revelled in baiting the (unarmed) police into arresting them for something that looked like cannabis but was actually another herb.

When the movement officially disbanded in 1967, many Provos moved full-time into cannabis activism, including Robert Jasper Grootveld and Kornelis “Kees” Hoekert, who together founded the Lowlands Weed Company. Having discovered a rather sizable loophole in Dutch law—which banned only the “dried tops” of the cannabis plant—they began openly selling small plants and seeds from a garishly painted houseboat floating in one of central Amsterdam’s many picturesque canals.