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dolato marijuana seeds

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With that, this Indica weed is perfect for those who want to have the best quality of sleep. It also stimulates the appetite that is good for those who want to gain weight. With over 20% THC, the healing qualities of this strain are beyond expectations.

Cross the potent Do-si-Dos and Gelato #41, and you’ll get this powerful indica strain. It is a relaxing and pungent strain perfect for afternoons and evenings when you want to relax and sleep. It is for insomnia, pain, stress, and anxiety, plus it has high THC to keep you engaged for a long time.

Dolato is a hybrid made by crossing Do-Si-Dos and Gelato #41. The calming nature of this Indica dominant strain leaves its user to loosen up and let their guard down for a bit. This pungent strain acts fast as soon as the euphoria hits; it soars and feels like it will never come back down. The comedown is very enticing that you might not want to it end as well. Laziness and couch-lock are bound to happen.

Additional Information

Powerful Couch-Lock Experience

When growing Dolato, a warm and sunny environment is the most viable option for this weed as moisture is the bane of its existence. Molds and mildew will consume this bud. Keep it dry, and you can expect huge amounts of yield.

These beautiful plants require a few special considerations, but the extra effort is nothing to be intimidated by. The indica genes contribute to medium-sized plants that are remarkably sturdy. The large, dense, resin-rich flowers are easily supported by the sturdy branches and deep purple hues add massive bag appeal. These babies do need extra calcium and magnesium to keep them healthy though, and regular pruning to allow for better light penetration. Cutting away excess foliage will also protect these babies from moisture-related issues, as it allows adequate airflow. An indoor setup can yield a generous yield of 500 grams per meter squared. If you live in a Mediterranean-like climate with warm temperatures and lots of sunshine, an outdoor garden could offer as much as 700 grams per plant! The best part is, these plants flower over a short 8 to 10 weeks before they are ready to harvest.

When you buy seeds like Dolato or another favorite, Blue Haze Photo Fem, and add them into your home grow, it is worth noting the word Photo in its name. Photoperiod plants are plants that require more attention to detail than auto-flowering options. These will rely on adjustments in light conditions to be moved from their vegetation stage into their flowering period. Usually lengthening their light exposure using bulbs and timers will encourage them along nicely. This process occurs naturally in a garden as the light builds from the fresh life of spring to the long days of summer. Make sure to harvest before the cold snaps of winter, as the harsher temperatures have the potential to ruin your hard-earned crop!

Is Dolato Photoperiod Feminized Easy To Grow At Home?

Getting your hands on Dolato Bud seeds has never been easier. When you order your 420 seeds through Weed Seeds, all you need to do is select your seeds, make your purchase using one of our many secure payment options, and wait while your package is delivered right to your front door. We deliver promptly in unmarked packages to protect your privacy from nosey neighbors. There is a small shipping fee of $10, but we offer free delivery on orders of $200 or more! Add awesome strains like American Haze Photo Fem or Alien OG Photo Fem to beef up your order and diversify your home grow.

The unique THC levels, CBD content and terpene profiles of marijuana strains are what contribute to their profound therapeutic potential. Big Delato brings a powerful collection of benefits to common ailments. The uplifting yet calming impacts can help manage symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and stress, while the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties can support physical struggles like arthritis and migraines. The indica genetics offer calm, sleepy, and sedating effects that can help those with disturbed sleep issues like insomnia. Last, but not least, there are antiemetic attributes that can help those undergoing nausea-inducing treatments like chemotherapy. Enjoy all this relief with a puff or two, and all without the laundry list of negative effects that come along with the use of pharmaceuticals!

The large, purple-hued, nugs covered with sparkling trichomes taste like sweet fruit and bring extreme value to the weed community. The long list of soothing effects can be applied to several common health struggles making this a well-loved strain among recreational and medical weed aficionados alike. The fact that these beauties can be cultivated, at home, with minimal effort only adds to their intrigue. This is the ideal strain to reach for in the evening, as you will get a couple of hours of focused creativity followed by a deep relaxation to ease you into a restful night’s sleep. Prepare for pure bliss!