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does marijuana seeds cause impotence

Although research into the topic remains limited, it seems likely that excessive consumption causes more harm than good to erections. If you have ED and are looking for something to breathe new life into your sexual experiences, consider using a low dose of weed.

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Cannabis and ED: So, It’s All Bad News Then?

Also known as ED, erectile dysfunction has been recognized as a significant issue amongst men since the 1990s. If you suffer from it, your first instinct may be to remain silent. After all, for generations, a lack of understanding led many people to associate ED with reduced masculinity. In reality, though, the condition is more nuanced than that. It can happen for a variety of reasons but is more prevalent in men as they get older.

Dr. Tishler noted these concerns, yet remains adamant that almost all sexual issues respond well when treated with cannabis. These problems include ED, low libido, and premature ejaculation. He was keen to point out that the dosage was all-important. According to Dr. Tishler, it is tough to keep an erection “when your head is orbiting Jupiter.”

Drugs such as Viagra work by boosting relaxation and helping your erection last longer. Many things must happen before the smooth muscle reaches a state of relaxation. First of all, your penis cells get sensory input from sexual stimulation or from signals that begin in the brain. Once these cells are activated, they produce a gas called nitric oxide.

Before we go any further, let’s begin with an uncomfortable (but brief) outline of the science of erections. An erection comes from the relaxation of the smooth muscle of the corpus cavernosum. This is either of the two masses of erectile tissue that form the main portion of the clitoris or penis. When this muscle is relaxed, blood flow is increased, which leads to an erection. If you have ED, your smooth muscle is not relaxing.

Marijuana may also influence a person’s judgment, leading to risky sexual situations like unsafe sex or sex with a stranger. Such scenarios could increase the chances of sexually transmitted infections or unplanned pregnancy.

Marijuana is a popular drug used for recreational and medicinal purposes. Derived from Cannabis sativa, a hemp plant, it can be smoked, eaten in foods, or brewed as a tea.

Fertility problems are possible in men who use marijuana. Chemicals in the drug can affect sperm cells’ ability to swim toward an egg and fertilize it.

Typical marijuana mixtures contain about 500 ingredients. Roughly 160 of these are cannabinoids – chemicals that bind with proteins in the body called cannabinoid receptors. Two of the most common cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

However, other men experience sexual problems with marijuana, such as the following:

How marijuana affects the body depends on the plants used to prepare the mixture.

Experts say that the extent to which marijuana impairs a man’s sexual function can depend on dose and frequency of use. Men who use higher doses or use it more frequently are probably more likely to develop sexual problems than those who use marijuana only occasionally. Also, some people are more sensitive to marijuana’s effects than others.

However, specific effects of the drug may result in ED, and a person who smokes a mixture of marijuana and tobacco may have an increased risk.

Even in states where the drug is still banned, many people in the U.S. use marijuana or its derivatives in the hope that it will benefit their health. The risks of doing so are mostly unclear.

Erectile dysfunction refers to an inability to have and maintain an erection firm enough for sex.

THC affects the brain’s pleasure and reward system. It signals the body to release more dopamine than usual, and the dopamine affects mood and sensation. This is why a person feels “high” after using the drug.

Like other drugs, marijuana may interfere with some medicines and alternative treatments, including: