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does autoflowering marijuana plants produce seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds offer several advantages especially for beginners. The plants are small and compact thus occupies minimal spaces indoors. They also grow quickly and flower a lot faster than their photoperiod counterparts do. They are also fast adopting thus more resistant to several adverse weather conditions.

Containers should not be too large or too small for your plants. You should use relatively small containers that drain well and promote aeration. That’s why many autoflowering cannabis growers use fabric pots like the one included in our Complete Grow Kit . This kit also comes with a pot drain saucer to collect excess water for easy clean-up.

As you can see, there are many pros and cons of autoflowering seeds, and you need to weigh the benefits against the drawbacks so that you make an informed decision. A Pot for Pot always recommends autoflowering seeds for home growers, because they are cheaper to grow , easy to maintain, and provide a good blend of THC and CBD. With just a little light, the right soil, water, and some love, you can grow not just a beautiful plant, but also a great batch of marijuana.

Key Takeaways

This is most noticeable when training your plants. There are two ways to train your plants. One way is low-stress training (LST). That’s when you’d bend the plant’s branches while they are still soft and pliable. The other training method is called super cropping. This method is very stressful to the plant since it is done when the branches have become harder, so they take longer to recover from this training exercise.

What are the perks of growing Autoflowering cannabis seeds?

An autoflowering cannabis strain switches from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage automatically instead of requiring closely timed hours of light and dark. Photoperiod flowering seeds start to bloom after the summer solstice, while autoflowering seeds flower after a specific phase of the development period. In other words, they grow automatically (hence their name, “autoflowering”) when they reach the right size.

Autoflowering seeds are typically a mixture of cannabis sativa or indica with cannabis ruderalis, a species native to Russia . People don’t grow cannabis ruderalis on its own because it typically lacks a high degree of THC content. But because this species grows automatically after seven weeks and fares well in cold weather, these traits have made them desirable to use for interbreeding.

Once the female plant is pollinated, it will produce seeds inside of its buds. One pollinated female plant can produce hundreds of cannabis seeds with little effort. Under the ideal conditions, the number of seeds can be increased tenfold.

There are many benefits to a short growing season, especially for growers who need to lie low harvest their cannabis as soon as possible. However, one of the most talked-about benefits of autoflowering cannabis is that growers can have multiple harvests per season, even if they are growing outdoors.

Benefits of Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

The legalization of both medical and recreational cannabis is a growing trend across the United States, and growers are responding by developing exciting new strains. Not only have growers broken new ground with cannabis strains that produce a variety of psychoactive effects, but they have also made some fantastic advancements in the plant’s reproductive genetics.

Autoflowering cannabis has been made possible through the crossbreeding of Indica or Sativa strains with a lesser-known strain called Cannabis Ruderalis. Cannabis Ruderalis is native to Russia. There, it adapted to thrive in the harsh temperatures and low light levels native to the region by switching from photoperiodism and learning to flower according to time passed instead. If cannabis seeds are not Autoflowering, they may be referred to as regular seeds or ‘short-day’ seeds.

Autoflowering plants, like any other plant, start with high-quality seeds. Growers can purchase their seeds from a reputable online seed bank to ensure they are getting the exact strain they want, the best quality available, and most importantly a seed that is guaranteed to produce a female plant. Female cannabis plants produce the best THC-laden buds for which the plants are highly sought after. Males, on the other hand, produce much smaller and weaker buds that contain a plethora of seeds (which are terrible for smoking purposes).