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The Best CBD Movies, Documentaries & TV Shows CBD has become a bit of an obsession for me and I know I’m certainly not the only one! From testing products out to watching documentaries in the Want to combine a relaxing evening with information on legal cannabis? The specialists of Weedy have chosen 11 quality documentaries to finally know everything!

The Best CBD Movies, Documentaries & TV Shows

CBD has become a bit of an obsession for me and I know I’m certainly not the only one! From testing products out to watching documentaries in the evening, I love learning more about cannabis and its potential usage.

This is why I’m delighted by the amount of new documentaries, movies and series that have been launched in the last 3 years alone around this subject. Below I have listed the best ones I have found and watched so far. If you can think of any I have left out, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

CBD Nation

Probably the most well known CBD movie in existence, CBD Nation is an incredible film which covers people who are taking medical cannabis in order to solve various ailments.

Directed by David Jakubovic, this 1 hour 23 minute documentary left both myself and my girlfriend shocked by the end, as they pull you in with the emotional stories of those who are really struggling.

It helps to really shine a light on the potential this remarkable plant has, pushing for greater research to take place and a relaxation of the laws around cannabis.

Weed The People

Launched on Netflix in 2018, Weed The People pulls on the heartstrings, as it covers various stories of families having to help their sick children with Marijuana. From the huge costs involved in the treatments to the difficulties around the laws, this documentary is a similar length to CBD Nation, lasting 1 hour and 37 minutes.

Weed The People is directed by Abby Epstein, a director who has become synonymous with high quality documentaries, including Sweetening the Pill and The Business of Being Born.

The documentary also includes a number of interviews with physicians who show their support for the usage of cannabis as a treatment.

Cooked With Cannabis

A little different from the two above, this is a series where chefs compete to create the best tasting recipes, all starring CBD and THC.

The show features special guests on each episode, including a number of big name celebrities, who clearly enjoy a joint or two.

It is incredibly interesting to learn about different ways to make edibles, with each chef creating cannabis infused foods in their restaurants. If this tickles your fancy, you might also want to read up on my guide to making cannabutter.

Grass Is Greener

This 2019 documentary stars Snoop Dogg, Dmian Marley, Killer Mike, B-Real and a number of other big names. The panel of celebrity guests discuss how marijuana is weaponised and what actions should be taken to rectify the scenario we’re in.

They discuss the inequalities and the existing racist anti-drug policies in place, covering topics that aren’t heavily debated on a Netflix show.

The documentary is interesting and utilises some marijuana enthusiast celebrity names, however it doesn’t quite have the hard hitting emotional reaction of CBD Nation. There are some very interesting anecdotes included in the show, but I don’t want to give anything away, so give it a watch for yourself.

Murder Mountain

A little bit different to the others on this list, Murder Mountain covers the area where people regularly go missing while working at the Humboldt marijuana farms.

This is actually a series, taking you through some incredibly interesting stories, albeit with some pretty bleak endings.

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California is a beautiful and forward thinking part of the USA, however it certainly has a dark side and ‘Murder Mountain’ is certainly one of the worst. Nicknamed after the serial killer couple James and Suzan Carson begun killing people in the area, the story naturally drifts from a killer couple of the black market cannabis industry.

The story also heavily revolves around the disappearance of the 29 year old Garret Rodriguez in 2013.

The Legend Of 420

The government has constantly tried and failed to battle the cannabis industry, which is covered in The Legend of 420, as the documentary goes through the history of the plant and how it has been perceived in the USA.

420 is a synonymous term with cannabis, leading to the day being celebrated in April every year. The director, Peter Spirer, tries to offer a balanced view, however it highlights clearly the reasons for why marijuana should be decriminalised.

If you want to learn more about the meaning behind 420, do have a read of my article on the 420 Hyde Park event.

Explained: Weed

I have been a huge fan of Vox, the YouTube channel, for a number of years, where they cover topics in a huge amount of detail, but compact it to a short video, so you can learn a decent amount about a set subject in a short period of time.

Branching out a little further, Vox now has its own Netflix series, stretching 2 seasons, with one of the episodes looking into weed. The episode, aired in 2018, explores and discusses the rise of cannabis usage, the history of the plant and the different weed strains. It’s also narrated by none other than Kevin Smith, aka Silent Bob.

16 must-see cannabis documentaries

The main reason for the demonization of cannabis, even legal? It remains relatively unknown to the general public. Those who know only one thing about him remember thathe is high. The rest of the information is lost in halves that have nothing psychoactive. The solution ? Education. No need to return to eliminate the school benches for that, culture is also entertainment! Here, in no specific order, 11 cannabis documentaries which will fascinate enlightened amateurs as well as neophytes.

1. United States, the grass rush

In the United States, legal cannabis fascinates as much as it unleashes the crowds

This report on cannabis, everything that is more serious was produced with the participation of France Télévision and is available for free on the Dailymotion channel of the Public Senate channel. It focuses on a countries where the sale of recreational and medical cannabis is legal (at least in some states), but who has to face his own demons, between conservatism and lobbying.

2. Israel: cannabis, the promised land

Through this documentary on cannabis, Arte takes an interest in a country that is mentioned a little less often when it comes to cannabis, but is nevertheless one of the indisputable pioneers of the question. Cannabis farms, hybridization, medical cannabis dispensaries: Israel is emerging as a promised land at the forefront of the development of the modern cannabis market and intends to remain so. When it is the very good documentary filmmakers of the Franco-German channel who talk about it, it’s even better.

3. Special Envoy. The other face of cannabis

A documentary defending cannabis on the French public service? A service funded by an anti-cannabis government? This is also the French cultural exception. Seeking objectivity, the journalists of Special Envoy are interested in therapeutic potential of cannabis and cannabinoids, particularly in the context of taking CBD to relieve childhood epilepsy.

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4. Illegal Cannabis Documentary

We were telling you about it in detail not so long ago, Canada legalized cannabis. Purely and simply. Tele-Quebec and Vice Canada are however interested here in black market, or what’s left of it. Against all expectations, six months after its legalization (during which time this documentary was shot), it is still doing very well. What to learn from the mistakes of our neighbors and project in a Europe where cannabis would be sold freely.

5. Drugs and the brain – Cannabis a challenge for science

Arte explains how our brain reacts to cannabis

A report on cannabis all that is more serious, once again proposed by Arte who definitely loves underground cultures. If it has taken a little bit of old since its first broadcast in October 2005, it remains very instructive to understand how cannabinoids interact with our body, and what they do to our brains.

6. Jack Herer, Emperor of Hemp

Once is not customary, this cult documentary in the small world of cannabis does not honor the plant, but one of its most famous defenders: Jack Herer. Pro-cannabis activist, he remains in the legend more than ten years after his death. Jack Herer, Emperor of Hemp (his nickname following the publication of his pro-cannabis manifesto The emperor is naked) retraces his journey through the meanders of a Puritan America defending tooth and nail the ban on the plant.

7. The wizarding spirit. Cannabis, when his feet go up to his head

More than a documentary on cannabis, this complete file was uploaded as part of a special cannabis week. Stuffed with mini videos, it is presented by the famous Fred of Fred and Jamie, aka the shock duo of This is not rocket science. What to learn while finding a format reminiscent of the cult program of our childhood! The dossier is accompanied by a debate entitled Should we legalize cannabis? who has the merit of giving the floor to guests from all sides (a former Minister of the Interior, a sociologist and the vice-president of SOS Addictions).

8. Questions on the front page: should cannabis be legalized in Belgium?

After visiting our Canadian friends, let’s take a look at what’s going on in Belgium. The RTBF broadcast Questions in the headlines share in this report a simple observation: prohibition is a failure. The figures are final: the ban on cannabis costs the Belgian state 810 million each year. Not to mention that black market products are not only very easy to obtain, but also of poor quality. The question of legalization of cannabis for therapeutic purposes arises more than ever.

9. National Geographic. Inside Marijuana

The fame of National Geographic documentaries no more to do. This one plunges us into the world of legal cannabis and its evolution with a more than provocative catchphrase: “Breathe well, it has nothing to do with what your parents smoked”. The angle adopted? Separate things from medical properties of cannabis.

10. The Cannabis Republic of Uruguay

Uruguay legalized marijuana in 2013 (here Montevideo)

Uruguay is the first country in the world to take a gamble on legalizing marijuana. Not just for medical purposes, nor even by limiting consumption to CBD-rich strains. No, in this Latin American country, cannabis is perfectly legal, without restrictions. This Vice documentary is based on an open discussion between their correspondent and José Mujica, the Uruguayan President.

11. 36.9 °. CBD: legal cannabis, a therapy of the future?

Let’s finish with a documentary from Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) particularly devoted to a cannabinoid that we know well from the CBD. No wonder our Swiss colleagues have an expert opinion on the question, since they are among the European pioneers of the marketing of products rich in cannabidiol. The Swiss CBD indeed brings back to the Swiss Confederation nearhalf a billion euros each year !

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12. Narcoworld – Episode 2: Gluttony is a Bad Flaw

Narcoworld is a 2019 documentary mini-series about drugs in general, produced by Netflix. Over the course of four episodes, we follow both police officers and traffickers, each trying to arrest the other. The second episode is the one that interests us since it is devoted to cannabis. More precisely, he dissects for our curious eyes the hashish smuggling between Morocco and France, with the dangerous but inevitable passage of the Strait of Gibraltar and Spain. A report that has the merit of placing itself on both sides, showing in passing how much the fight against the black market seems to be a waste of time if the rules of the game are not changed.

13. The Narcotics Business – Cannabis

Cannabis is the second episode of the Netflix mini-series “The Narcotics Business”, where a former CIA expert analyzes the economic issues linked to various narcotics. In this report on cannabis, she dissects a question that almost everyone asks: why, when cannabis is legal in California, are approximately 80% of sales in the state still made on the black market? If you like the format, 5 other episodes are to be discovered (respectively on synthetic drugs, heroin, methamphetamine and opioids).

14. Weed the People

In this 1h30 report available on Netflix, doctors and parents discuss the encouraging effects observed on children with cancer following the use of cannabis. A serious and well-documented argument in favor of a more accurate and better funded research on medical cannabis. The directors do not hesitate to press where it hurts, in particular by questioning an archaic legal system (that of the United States), incapable of reacting quickly on public health issues, even though certain medical results prove the effectiveness of certain cannabis treatments and give hope to families.

15. Shiny-Flakes: The Little Darknet Baron

You have loved ” How to sell drugs online (fast) »? You will love this report retracing the journey of Max S., who inspired the series. In an exciting report, Max explains how he managed to build a real drug empire, from an early age, and without leaving his room. What better way to understand the world in which we live and the opportunities (and limits) offered by our connected societies. Geeks will love it, as will those interested in the Darknet (which is also much more than an illegal Internet).

16. Cooked with Cannabis

Cooked with cannabis is not a report, but the Top Chef of cannabis lovers. In this cooking competition as only Netflix dares to produce, chefs redouble their creativity to offer the most culinaryly elaborate dishes, systematically including cannabis to recipes. And as we are USA, everything is allowed: pure weed, THC infusions, CBD sauces, smoked grilled cannabis, etc. On your marks ! Ready? CBD!

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