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do marijuana seeds go bad after years

If you keep the seeds in a mason jar, ideally within another vacuum sealed container that you place inside the mason jar, this goes a long way to sealing off the outside environment. Follow the next suggestions below to ensure a steady environment to keep the seeds from going bad prematurely.

Environmental factors don’t affect the outer shell alone. They have an affect on the insides as well and can cause the seed to go bad, while, in many cases, still looking perfectly good. Let’s take a look at the main factors that will cause your weed seeds to go bad.

Worst of all are fluctuations in the environment. To keep seeds from going bad, you want to store them under steady conditions. If the environmental conditions change, they wreak havoc on the seed’s chemical processes, because it will, again, think it needs to begin germination and use up its nutrient reserves.

Keep Temperature Low

This shell protects the root, stem, embryonic shoot and the oil sac which provides nutrients to the other components. If the shell is damaged or cracked, the delicate insides can suffer damage and the seed goes bad.

Cold temperatures are best, but you don’t want it too cold, either. If the seeds freeze, they can also go bad, unless you have the equipment to freeze them rapidly.

There are 5 primary factors that cause marijuana seeds to go bad.

As mentioned above, conditions that are too dry can cause the seed to dry out. That said, they do need to be stored in quite dry conditions, with a relative humidity of 8 to 10%.

A typical feminized cannabis plant can produce an enormous amount of seeds – hundreds, depending on how well the plant takes the pollen and how meticulous the pollination process is. It also largely depends on the strain, as some strains are capable of producing much more, especially if their flowers are larger and can hold more. But how long do they last once they’ve been harvested and dried?

There are many different factors that come into play when it comes to cannabis seed lifespan, and the most important is conservation. If you’ve obtained your seeds from a seed bank and they come in their own packaging, when it comes to storage you can simply leave them in their packaging in a dark, dry spot; seed banks usually recommend planting within the year.

How Long do Marijuana Seeds Last?

This obviously depends on your climate too, as there are places that have incredibly high humidity and others that are quite dry, which can directly impact how you have to store your seeds. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend keeping them in a low-humidity container, and if you live somewhere incredibly humid you might have to use specific methods to decrease humidity.

Humidity is another incredibly important factor that can determine the success rate of your seeds. Relative humidity is essentially what causes seeds to germinate, so they’re quite delicate at this stage and you don’t want them accidentally germinating; keep relative humidity low in their container.

However, for long-term storage you’ll need to store them at around 6-8° – if you plan on storing a large amount of seeds, we recommend buying a small cooler for that specific purpose to keep them at a low, constant temperature; opening your fridge can cause temperature changes, so keeping them with the rest of your products is probably not the best idea.